Rose Link

One would think that in this age and time sending and receiving money across the world should be easy. However, that is simply not the case. The process is still a headache for many as it’s characterized by high fees, delays and market fluctuations. Enter Rose Link – a company dedicated to eradicating the pain of transacting across borders through the use of cryptocurrency and cutting-edge technology.

What Is Rose Link?

Rose Link is a lending and micro-transactions platform for the masses. It intends to make sending and receiving money worldwide a less cumbersome affair through the use of its internal stable currency known as Roses, through use of Rose Nodes and cryptocurrency.

Roses provide stability to users is the cryptocurrency is not affected by market fluctuations enabling users to carry out transactions stress free. Additionally, the platform recognizes the critical role of social media in today’s society and has incorporated a feature where users can send and receive money through their social media handles.

Rose Nodes

A rose node acts as a bridge. It’s a local entity which complies with the regulations of that country. Rose Link intends to station nodes in every county to ensure that its users can withdraw roses into FIAT swiftly.

With Rose Link, sending and receiving money anywhere will be hassle free. It seeks to make owning cryptocurrency unproblematic by proving users with the Rose Link app that allows them to buy the Rose Coin cryptocurrency.


Rose Coin holders will have the capability to lend out their Rose Coin within the Rose Link as loans. This will be enhanced through Rose Node’s which will be in direct partnership with local lending companies to facilitate the lending. Alternatively, in some jurisdictions, Rose Nodes will be the direct lender.

Transact Like A Local

Rose Link has the vision in the near future to enable its users to travel to another country and transact within that country just as if they were locals. You can forget about your credit card with its high fees and bad exchange rates. All you will require is to have your Rose Link with you and can travel like a local.

Mass Market

Rose Link’s main target market is social media users, because of their large numbers and their desire for instant service. The platform aims to get 10 Million active users within the first few years of operation.

It also seeks to grab a share of the lending and borrowing market.

Rose Link Token ICO Details

The Rose Coin is based on CryptoNote. It has a 30 second block time (quick) and it has very low transaction fees.

  • Total coin supply: 184, 467,440 Coins
  • Max allocation during pre-sale period: 166,002,696 Coins
  • Block Time: 30 Seconds
  • Fees (low): $0.00002 USD at launch
  • Value: 1 Rose Coin = $2 USD (at launch)

Pre – Sale

  • Early Bird/ Stage 1: 14th May 2018 – 21st May 2018 Discount – 40% off
  • Stage 2: 22nd May 2018 – 22nd June 2018 Discount – 30% off
  • Stage 3: 23rd June 2018 – 7th July 2018 Discount – 20% off
  • Stage 4: 8th July 2018 – 31st July 2018 Discount – 10% off
  • Stage 5: 1st August 2018 – 14th August 2018 Discount – 5%

Rose Coin Allocation

  • Pre – sale – 75%
  • Team and partners – 15%
  • Reserve – 5%
  • Mining allocation – 5%

Funds Usage

  • Rose nodes – 30%
  • Development – 25%
  • Legal, Compliance, Licenses – 20%
  • Marketing – 15%
  • Reserves – 10%

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