RoseCode – JustRose Interactive Cyberpunk Game, Book & Movie?

RoseCode, found online at, is an interactive cyberpunk game, book, and movie that will be released under the Creative Commons license. Find out everything you need to know about the project today.

What Is RoseCode?

RoseCode is a book, a video game, and a movie planned by a team of developers. The company’s ICO is taking place throughout October. At the lowest level of funding, they’ll produce a book. With more funding ($250,000), they’ll release a video game. And at the highest level of funding ($3 million), they’ll produce a RoseCode movie.

RoseCode describes itself as “an interactive multimedia experience unlike any other.” It’s part sci-fi adventure, part mystery, and part story-driven adventure.

Every time you revisit RoseCode, you’ll discover new clues and characters. The storyline spans 250 years in the future, and “the story is epic in a way that few recent literary projects have dared to be,” explains the official website.

Obviously, there’s a lot going on with RoseCode, but here’s the main point of the project:

“What if creative project worked the same way as open source software?”

RoseCode asks that question on its official website. The developers bring up examples from Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and other sci-fi franchises. These franchises are beloved by millions of fans around the world – but they don’t truly belong to the community. Giant corporations can sue – and have sued – people over unlicensed use of the creative properties of these franchises.

RoseCode envisions a different system: sci-fi universes built under Creative Commons licensing:

“ROSECODE uses the power of Creative Commons licensing to forge a new paradigm: a shared mythos, a consensual creative universe where anyone is free to invent, tell stories, build games, or film a movie—for fun or for profit. What if you and your collaborators had a built-in audience for new work, and a built-in cast of characters?”

To bring that concept to life, RoseCode is conducting an ICO.

The RoseCode ICO

The RoseCode ICO involves the sale of RoseCoin tokens. The ICO is scheduled from October 4 through to November 2. The tokens are sold on the OMNI trading platform. 40,000 tokens are available at a sale price of 0.00164474 BTC per token (about $7 USD per token).

The company is seeking to raise between $80,000 and $3 million through the token sale, with different funding goals along the way. If they raise $80,000, for example, they’ll complete the RoseCode story in novel form, available as a Creative Commons-licensed e-book.

If the company raises $250,000, they’ll release the RoseCode story in game form, under a Creative Commons license. And if they raise $3 million, they’ll release a RoseCode movie under a Creative Commons license.

Since the work will be produced under the Creative Commons license, it means anyone can take the universe and expand on it. Disney could produce their own film version based on RoseCode without asking permission. Or, any average person could make their own RoseCode film.

Any tokens you purchase can be exchanged for buttons, t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, and other RoseCode gear. The developers may also release RoseCode bonus content and features through a “members only” area of the website. You’ll also have first access to RoseCode content.

RoseCode Conclusion

Typically, we don’t see ICOs for creative arts projects. JustRose isn’t a blockchain technology company, and they’re not making a game based on blockchain technology. However, they are making a multimedia universe built under the Creative Commons license, which means anyone can use the universe however they see fit. The developers plan to produce a book, a game, and a movie, depending on the level of funding they receive.

To get an idea of the JustRose universe, you can read the first chapter of the project here. Or, participate in the ICO throughout October by visiting



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