Rothschild's IMMO: Could The Banking Dynasty Be Warming Up To Cryptocurrency

It is evident that cryptocurrency is gaining worldwide attention from different quarters, and the capability for financing proving beneficial. Consequently, traditional banking players are taking notice of the revolutionary changes with the European Banking dynasty, Rothschild taking a keen interest in the innovation.

Forward Steps

IMMO would not become Rothschild's first crypto venture, as several of their ventures do already exhibit investments in the innovation. A good example is the Tether accounts at Bitfinex which were the apparent investment of Dutch-based bank ING (Rothschild Group bank). Similarly, the recent acquisition on February of Poloniex (crypto exchange) by Circle (Fintech) show the significant growth of the banking giant in the crypto world. IMMO looks to take a much direct approach to how the project is run, with possible indications showing the appointed head, Alexandre de Rothschild said to have a leading role.

Hypothesize On IMMO

IMMO Coin As An Asset-Based Token

Rothschild may design the digital currency as a currency with a foundation of a stable asset such as gold or other valuable assets.

IMMO As A Real Estate Token

There is also potential that IMMO could relate to the real estate industry since IMMO represents Immobilien in Deutsch

IMMO GovTech

IMMO could become a legally recognized cryptocurrency across sovereign countries which are under the control of Rothschilds.

IMMO Blockchain

Under a private blockchain, the Rothschild dynasty could facilitate internal transfers to gain IMMO tokens for their descendants significantly. The blockchain could also come in handy in case of record keeping for transactions if they wish to do so with the innovation

Is IMMO A Legitimate Venture?

It is undoubtedly evident that cryptocurrency is providing something entirely different for finance and the Rothschilds may finally be making a move within the industry. However, there is very little information on IMMO and apparent links to the Rothschild.

All-in-all, the venture does coincide with the Rothschild's goal of a global currency by 2018(The Economist, 1988). Still, there is little proof that IMMO even exists and only till the launch can we fully satisfy that it is indeed a product form the banking dynasty.

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