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Are you looking for a great way to make a good profit investing in the cryptocurrency market? There are many companies that might seem interesting for investors, but they have to know how to choose them well if they want to only bet in companies that can really be profitable. Because of this, being well informed is a must when you are a cryptocurrency investor.

Our blog can certainly give you a hand when you need to find the right investment. We review all of the hottest investments in the market right now (and also the shadier ones, as you need to be informed about them to avoid them) to help you. Today we are going to review an investment site called Royal Bitcoin.

What is Royal Bitcoin?

Royal Bitcoin’s main idea is pretty simple: you choose an investment plan, invest using your Bitcoins and will get more Bitcoins in the future. It is a simple logic that many investment plans use. You give the company money to get money later. Unfortunately, it is really hard to actually be sure if companies like these will pay you in the end.

While Royal Bitcoin promises a great return on investment, you will have to wait to take your money back, so there is a certain level of insecurity about this company. You can see that Royal Bitcoin was founded in 2017, so at least this is not a High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) with less than a week of existence that might disappear at any time, which is somewhat reassuring.

How Does Royal Bitcoin Work?

The idea is that you will lend your money to the company and then Royal Bitcoin will invest it for you in profitable investments which will make you able to receive more money when you take it back. The company promises a return of at least 30% per month, which is a very big return on investment for such a short investment.

Unfortunately, we cannot assure you that Royal Bitcoin will, in fact, work like this and that this company is not a scam because the site lacks reliable information for us to conclude much about this company, so consider Royal Bitcoin to be a risky investment.

How to Invest in Royal Bitcoin?

To invest in this company, you will have to create an account using only a valid email and a Bitcoin wallet with funds. You have to choose a plan that you want to invest in and use your Bitcoins to pay for this plan. There are many different options for investment plans.

If you do not have a Bitcoin account, the company can open one for you (you pay with fiat currency for that) and you will receive the keys but that is very unsafe, so you really should not do that.

You can also get money from referrals. The referral bonus is 10% of the investment of every person that you refer to the company.

The Royal Bitcoin Verdict

Is Royal Bitcoin the right investment for you? Hardly. This company does seem to be very trustworthy. It lacks information that might assure that you will really be paid and it offers a return on investment that is actually too good to be true. 30% per month is very hard to get, so this can only mean that this is a highly risky investment.

Is Royal Bitcoin a scam? Not necessarily. It can be a scam but we cannot be sure of that, so assume that this is a real risk. In fact, the two riskier aspects of this company are the chance of it being a scam and the chance that you might not receive a good return on investment after all.

We advise you not to invest in this company and to invest with caution if you really want to do it. Remember that you can always browse our blog for many excellent investments.

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