RUBY Crypto Exchange (RBY Token) Launches Using 100% Cold Wallets For Safer Trading

New Exchange That Uses 100% Cold Wallets Called Ruby-x (RBY) Is Launching Beta

It is normal to be concerned about how well exchanges are storing your cryptos. Everybody remember the CoinRail and Bithumb hacks that happened this year. Because of this, there are companies appearing in the market right now that are aiming to be more careful with the assets of their clients. Ruby, which will soon launched Beta, is one of them.

Ruby -x will have 100% of its assets on cold wallets and it will be launched in August 10. The exchange aims to give transparency and safety for the users as its main selling points. Developed by international specialists, the company has professionals from companies like Samsung, Hitachi, Hyundai, LG, Paysafe and BCcard.

The users will have the option to store their token in a rate from 70% to 100% in cold wallets that will not be connected to the internet and, therefore, cannot be hacked by anyone. This system aims to make the company more stable as the users will be able to use the Ruby Vault of the company.

This company is also holding opening events with a total of $10,000,000 USD in rewards for the users. The prizes will be distributed at the promotional events.

What Will Ruby Do Differently?

The new concept that this company is trying to implement is related to issuing its own token and to create an ecosystem that with have a fully transparent management system and systems that are completely hack-proof.

Ruby-X will have a 5 year road map to plan its expansion and support its technology, which begins with the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and the launch of the Beta platform and it keeps going on as the company expands.

The Ruby-X RBY Token Sale

Ruby-X has announced its sale and the launch of the platform for the same day: August 10. The sale will continue until September 17. According to the information released by the company, the Ruby tokens (RBY) will be designed as the key of the exchanged and they will be used to pay the transaction fees, just like most of these tokens are used.

The company has also stated that this will be the only public opportunity for people to buy the RBY tokens and that they will be sold at half of the market price during this sale. After the sale, the price of 1 RBY token will $0.05 USD. Only 2 billion tokens, 10% of the whole supply of RBY tokens, will be sold during the sale.

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