What Is RuffChain?

RuffChain is the world’s first decentralized blockchain based technology that runs fully on an opensource platform for high levels of efficiency. The purpose of the platform is to work with the internet of things app development software.

You can join the group directly on the Telegram website to engage with the team as well as other people interested in the network. Along with that you can get the white paper on the website as well, complete with all the different technical specs needed to fully understand how the platform operates.

How RuffChain Blockchain IoT Applications Development Works

Ruff Chain is a newly developed software that uses the Internet of Things tech with blockchain. It utilizes a newly developed system for distribution that operates on an open source main blockchain, it will connect on a p2p network and consensus mechanism that works in a digital environment type of reality.

RuffChain RUFF Token ICO Details

The tokens will be known simply as Ruff. The chain that the system is built on is a public operations system, that includes an open source public chain that also doubles as a distributed operating system. It will extend the normal point to point system and network as well as the consensus mechanism from the normal virtual world it operates on. The motion of flow b information.

Ruff Tokens are said to be one of the easiest digital currencies to write contracts for, they are also placed directly onto the ruff chain. They are pretty much the new standard token the company will use when it is incentivizing, consuming and trading in the already powerfully secure ruff chain. They are basically the only virtual money anyone on the system will be using to buy, sell, or trade for anything on the system or in the community.

There will be a total supply of 2,000,000,000 Ruff tokens in circulation. 16,000 of the Ruff tokens for one Ether token going to angel investors and another 20,000 Ruff for one Ether going to early investors.

The total supply of the tokens being sold in the beginning will be 700,000,000 RUFF which is equal to roughly 42,500 ETH. The sale for the toke ended on January of 2018 and was done with great success. The team at Ruff is extremely grateful to anyone who took place in the system launch.

If you want to see a detailed roadmap for the future of Ruff, then you can go over to the company website where they have a full timeline available for the public to view at any time. These timelines are great because they really help to show how a company is holding up to their own expectations.

Who Is Behind RuffChain?

As of now there appears to be about six people on the team at Ruff, but with so much fraud going on and there being no way to validate if they are real, this is a number that doesn’t matter all too much. There are also appears to be a large number of companies who are supporting the Ruff project as well.

RuffChain Conclusion

If you want to stay up to date with the way Ruff id being developed, then you can do so by connecting with them on one of their social media platforms like Facebook, Telegram, Twitter or a few others. The URL for the company website is

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