RUNS Token Blockchain eCommerce Platform & XKU Experience Keeping Unit is Launching

eCommerce Platform Announces Their Pre-Sale

A new eCommerce platform based on blockchain technology,, has recently unveiled their plans to hold a presale. The platform is based in Singapore, but also has offices in Bangalore and New York. According to the announcement, the early offers will get a 30% bonus. Announces Presale

A new announcement issued by states that the platform plans to soon hold a presale. The platform will use the funds for the development of the blockchain framework, which will increase the transparency, and hopefully, trust in eCommerce. The main goal currently is to create a completely decentralized platform, where the decisions will be made by its users. is being led by the winner of the last year's EY Entrepreneur of The Year award, Giri Devanur. Giri has had a lot of success previously, as AMERI100's CEO. Devanur will also be joined by Stanford University's Ph.D. holder, Dr. Artit Wangperawong.

So far, has had two phases when it comes to the launching of their token. The first one was a presale, while the second one included a crowd sale. The total amount of tokens will consist of 75 million individual units, all available to the contributors. Those interested in getting the early bird offer can find it on the platform's website.

Devanur has commented on the new development, and has said that this will be a pretty massive shift, which will see the firm distancing itself from traditional experiences regarding the e-commerce. Instead, the future of commerce will be driven by the community, which is something that no other company managed to do as of yet.

Additionally, he said that the existing blockchain tech will be used to let people share their most memorable moments with the rest of the community. The main focus will be on Cinema, Cricket, and Coffee enthusiasts.'s Chief Technology Officer and a co-founder, Dr. Artit Wangperawong, has also commented and said that this kind of technology has a potential to disrupt a swathe of industries. The platform that is being developed will address issues of the commerce on a global scale. He also added that the team is constantly looking for new talented individuals willing to join them.

Instead of using SKU's, will be using a new way of tracking and identifying, one that it itself has invented and patented. The new method will be called Experience Keeping Unit, or XKU for short. It will cover 3 parameters – Source, Story, and Sustainability.

What Exactly Is XKU?

To put it simply, this is a product, developed and patented by It is a service identification code for various items that can help with tracking them, for the purposes of organized inventory. It will not only address the physical products of the inventory, but non-physical ones as well.

The problem with SKUs is that their code usually reveals all the details about the product, like size, color, price, style, maker, brand, and alike. XKU will only include basic elements which include Source, Story, and Sustainability, all of which will be securely stored on a blockchain.

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