Rupie is a new blockchain platform for the development and shipment of games. Driven by the creators and the players, Rupie wants to create a community that can influentiate in a positive manner how games are built, funded and distributed.

As the company states, “making games is hard, so let’s do it together”. The main idea behind this company is to redesign the way that games are created, sent to the market and discovered by the players. Rupie intends to act as a powerful tool to help developers in the development.

This can be done via connecting the developers and the gamers and maximizing the feedback that the developers get with tools that make feedback more clear and induce the community to participate more in beta testing the games. This all can make the chances of your games actually being shipped and getting a profitable return on investment higher.

Why Use Rupie?

The company states that over 75% of the games in Early Access, Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter will not see the light of day. It is hard to ship a game, specially when the community is not considerably involved in the process. Only reading blog posts and waiting for the game is not enough anymore.

Also, many companies lack transparency, which is vital in today’s businesses. Using systems like “pay to win”, failing to deliver on promises and using things like loot boxes are only examples of problems that plague t*

Rupie intends to change this specific problem by delivering to the developers the exact tools that they need to establish trust in this industry. Rupie exists to unite feedback with clarity and a defined space for clearer channels of communication between the actors that are part of this gaming ecosystem.

How Does Rupie (RPI Token) Work?

Rupie works as an incubation system for games that also has a community built around it. By unifying the developers and the gamers in the same space and offering rewards and incentives for both sides, the company is able to incubate interesting games that will have a great future ahead of themselves. On Rupie, the development is made in three main phases: fund, build and connect.

You can use the systems of the company to fund your game in chunks. By getting investments from the players, you can unlock your funding as you work on the game and deliver what is being expected by the gamers. Move through the road map and reduce the uncertainty of success of the project.

During the build process, you will be able to place bounties and have the help of the gamer community to get feedback and create a better project. Finally, you can connect with the audience by rewarding beta players and bug testing your game with the help of the community.

This company has many important features like an asset market that can help the developers to get free time to work in more important things because they can basically buy the assets, a content bounty system that can help people to get gigs and the developers to get help with quick tasks.

There is also an escrow platform on Rupie that was created to incentivize milestone achievements as a way to get access to funding. This way, the developer only gets the money if it is able to work and deliver.

The company is planning the sale of the Rupie tokens for the third quarter of 2018. At the moment, we do not have more information about this sale. If you register on the Telegram of the company, though, you can earn some tokens during the airdrop.

The Rupie Team and Partners

The creators of the company are gamers and developers who are interested in developing the industry. The CEO of Rupie is Austin Anderson, the CTO is Jonathan Howard. David Panzarella is the director of user interface and user experience and Jonathan Tzou is the director of marketing. Danny Holland is the lead blockchain engineer and Roger Miller is the lead game engineer, while Lisa Manresa is the lead UI engineer.

Rupie’s main advisors are Dylan Jones, Kalman Gabriel, Samuel Sutch, Chris Barrett, Joeri Pross, Will Kavanagh, Burton Johnsey, Maciej Skrypczak and Rudy Koch. The partners of the company are Indústria de Jogos, Hypercube, Polymath and Gameset.

The Rupie (RPI Token) Conclusion

This platform intends to make the development of games easier for developers. Will it deliver? That will really depend a lot on how active the community will be, but we can confirm that there are decent chances for the development of a strong company on the company’s platform.

When you have the full information about the sale it might be a good idea to check this company and decide if it can be a good investment for you.

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