Russian Military Intelligence Agency Hackers' Bitcoin Trail: What We Know?

The Bitcoin Trail Behind the Russian Hackers

Last Friday, an indictment was handed down to 12 Russian Intelligence officers surrounding the crypto regulations around money laundering and the financing of illicit activities. The indictment ranges from alleged conspiracy, money laundering and interference in domestic affairs. To say the least, this is a he indictment which has shifted much of the attention back to when the political United States campaign had its fair share of controversy. Specifically, the Trump administration.

We were shown breaches in the security of the former First Lady’s email servers, the leak of sensitive information to the public, and a circus of media and events that drew an absolute frenzy about the campaigns. And, at the base of all the allegations was the Russian influence, or so the story goes.

To date, there have also been allegations that Trump himself and those working for him, were also involved in these scandals. So, were the Russian indictments only the beginning?

Now, where these ties into the crypto world is that these breaches are said to be funded by the infrastructure of the cryptocurrency industries. Needless to say, this brings about a sour taste to this platform and one experts are split on.

The Perceived Culprit is the Bitcoin due to it ‘Perceived Anonymity’.

These hackers are said to have stolen documents for use different domains to distribute them. This, resulted in a mass distribution through the public allowing hackers to diversify their sources and decentralize exchanges. Although seemed to be going ‘as planned’, a dirty trail was left behind. And, as time continues to pass more and more of those pieces are coming to light.

Over this past weekend following the indictments, there has been minimal said by the Department of Justice to the cryptocurrency industry. However, it is believed that there is ongoing analysis of the Blockchains that will help trace back the steps taken leading up to the fiasco.

There has been one official statement released thus far, and it was delivered by the BFI Cyber Teams based in Pittsburgh and San Francisco. All we know, is that they have joined forces with the National Security Division and each are collaborating on the research and investigative efforts. It is believed that the government has also enlisted help from various private firms who specialize in Blockchain investigations.

The buzz around the crypto world is that they should be left out of it. With the media hopping on these stories it sheds a terrible light on the cryptocurrency space. Their suggestion? Take a closer look at Columbian drug lords that receive billions in compensation in the United States for selling drugs.

Two-sided coin. The risk factors scare away, yet also excite many.

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