Blockchain is the business of the decade. Many investors are starting to invest in blockchain companies because they know that this can be a really good investment and that this market is about to get even more crowded in the following years. Because of this, there are also many blockchain companies offering Initial Coin Investments (ICOs) to attract investors.

There are so many companies that it is starting to get hard to invest in all of them, so you have to be careful to invest only in the best ones to get more profit from them. Fortunately, our blog can aid you in the search for the best investments of the moment. We review many investments here, so you will surely find one that really clicks with you.

Today, we are going to review a company called RxEAL.

What Is RxEAL?

RxEAL is a start-up blockchain company that aims to offer solutions in the real estate area. The founders of the company perceived that a huge amount of money was lost to due to people not paying for real estate or owners not giving deposits back, so they decided to create a company to solve this problem.

The company intends to create an ecosystem in which the lessors and lessees can use the company as the middlemen for their transaction and make safer and faster transactions. The transactions will be quicker because blockchain technology is capable of being faster than any normal bank’s service and safer because the company can ensure that both sides will collaborate.

How Does RxEAL Work?

The company uses an Ethereum-based blockchain technology. With the use of smart contracts, both the lessor and the lessee can have their guarantee that they will receive what they paid for because the company will act as the middleman for the service.

RxEAL will also offer, for the price of some RXL tokens, the option to any side to open a dispute for the money. The company will then employ its legal experts to evaluate each case and decide which person takes the money.

For instance, if someone deposited a payment and the owner of the house claimed in the end of the contract that damage was done to the house, they can dispute the information and use proof like pictures to prove which side is right in the discussion.

How To Invest In RxEAL?

To invest in this company, you will have to buy their RXL tokens, which are the currency used in the upcoming platform, during their sale. At the moment of this report, the pre-ICO was already happening and it would continue until December 31.

There is a main sale prepared for 2018. This sale will begin on January 31 and it will go until March 3. If all of the tokens are sold before the end of the sale, the ICO will be finished early. The price of the tokens will be cheaper if you buy during the pre-ICO, so try to buy them soon if you want to buy them at all.

You can only buy RXL tokens from RxEAL using Ethereum. The transaction will be made with a smart contract and the RXL tokens will automatically go to your wallet. If you only have cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Litecoin, you will have to exchange them before you can invest in this company.

The RxEAL Verdict

Is this company the right investment for you? You have to consider some factors before you decide if you are going to invest in this company or not. First, there are no red flags in the company, every person of the team seems legit and there is no indication of scam or any kind of foul play, so this is a good indication that you can trust in this company.

The model of business of RxEAL can be profitable, so that makes the company a good choice for people that want to invest in a company that might grow a lot during 2018 and 2019. Also, RxEAL could really carve a niche for itself if its strategy works.

If you want to invest in this company, go for it. RxEAL looks like a really interesting option for investment and you should not really be afraid of investing in this company because it will probably get you a good return on investment.

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