Rx Smart Coffee announced their ICO on October 6, 2017 to allow transparency for present and potential investors of Rx Smart Coffee Inc and their distributors and associates.

The Rx Smart Coffee ICO Report explains the best possible practices and methods for using the Rx Exchange, along with the WavesDEX while engaging in the ICO. This ICO reports is a public information document for both Rx Smart Coffee and the Space Age Investment Group.

In addition to this information available on RxSmartCoffee.co, the company will start posting tutorial videos on YouTube, Facebook and about other Social Media to further help and educate all relevant stakeholders to their platform.

What Is RxSmartCoffee?

Rx Smart Coffee is mostly an eCommerce business. It was founded in 2013, also made with a goal to become the industry leader in internet sales of naturopathic and homeopathic coffee products. The company is headquartered in Glenn Dale, Maryland. Overcoming any preconceived ideas about the effectiveness of multi-level marketing, Rx Smart Coffee outfitted itself to put those ideas to rest through constructing a readily accessible site and effective distribution system using digital monies to fuel its e-commerce platform.

As featured in Forbes Business and Black Business Review, the potency of Rx Smart Coffee's (five) 5 blends pleasantly surprised both doctors and clients alike with great effects and great testimonials from shore to shore. This once small coffee company formulated their initial mix to help David Miller, the founder and (now president of Rx Smart Coffee), recuperate from prostate operation. He called it the “Gentleman’s blend”.

Smart Coffee ICO Details

The Smart Coffee ICO ends on November the 6th of this year. Investors can buy into the ICO offered by Rx Smart Coffee for just 33 cents.

Approximately 80 million tokens are available for purchase.

Customers can purchase their RXSC (Rx Smart Coffee) tokens using major credit card brands such as Visa and Mastercard.

Participants will be able to purchase RXSC token with a Visa and MasterCard.

There are a few terms and conditions that relate to the sale of these tokens, which have been provided below:

  • 5000 DIBCOIN limit per transaction.
  • 6000 RXSC token limits per transaction with Visa and MasterCard.During ICO you can only buy RXSC, you cannot sell it.

They will send the RXSC asset tokens to the same address on file in 1-3 business days after the ICO (10/06/17-11/6/17). No additional fees are applied to ICO orders. One will be charged for 0.3% only; this is regular fee.

RxSmartCoffee Summary

Like virtually all of the ICOs that have been released over the last few days and months, the investment opportunity offered by Rx Smart Coffee should be studied carefully. Although the brand has the advantage of being backed by a legitimate business, the relevant investment risks and possibility of loss should be taken into account for any investor.

More details about the RXSC token sale can be viewed on the company’s homepage.

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