Ryna Holdings

Before getting into that, Ryna Holdings looks to be a scam – You won’t find anything on the website about who’s behind the website. They don’t tell you anything about who is behind it, where they’re from or anything else that an honest company would.

Nothing that is substantial or legitimate at least.

What Is Ryna Holdings?

The company is a website that was officially registers last year on August 21st. The privacy enabled on the website keeps it from being traced or seeing where it is located at. There is no inclination about who the owner of the domain is as well.

Ryna Holdings basically has the website set up to showcase a bunch of nonsense for a group that is located within the United Kingdom. There are some serious issues with the website and everything revolved around it.

First of all, the incorporation took place last year in October of 2017. And the address on the website has been determined to belong to a group of apartments in London. And the “Director” Sonia Turkovic has also been linked to the address on the apartments.

Also, other than the incorporation – you won’t find any type of mention of the Ryna Holdings Group Limited or Sonia Turkovic.

It’s a very easy and cheap to incorporate a company with the UK. And like other scams, Ryna Holdings probably has no real company or presence in the UK. It’s something that has been seen a lot recently by other scam lending programs and MLMs. It’s usually a sign that the company is completely fraudulent company that’s lying about everything, including where they are from.

How Ryna Holdings Financial Crypto Trading Investment Works

The company promises to have a lot of products that offer different solutions, but there is nothing there to speak of or anything to see. There are no goods or services for customers like they promise. Really, there is nothing to by or sell, it’s an impossible business model when it comes to retail sales.

The one thing that a person can sell is the affiliate package. Membership costs money, and this is where they are looking to get the most money. But, no one really knows when affiliates will be paid out or what they are selling other then the affiliate program. This is another sure fire red flag of scam companies everywhere.

It’s a theme that has been popping up over and over again across the internet with lending platforms, fake cryptocurrency companies and affiliate programs.

Ryna Holdings Investment Plans

There really are no solutions offered by Ryna Holdings. The only solution they have is holdings as an affiliate, and they want you to invest money into it with the promise of making money through the company over a 12-month period. The following packages are the ones that are offered to affiliates:

  • Basic Package — Members invest $10 to $1000 in order to earn an ROI up to 329%
  • Top Package — Members invest $1001 to $5000 in order to earn an ROI up to 475%
  • Ultimate Package — Members invest $5001 or more in order to earn an ROI up to 620%

Not only that, but affiliates get residual commissions after signing people up. Residual commissions are handled with a system they’ve “unveiled” to help them make extra money as affiliated bring in other affiliates or investors for the company.

There are as many as nine levels of downline for affiliates when recruiting new members. And when they invest, they can even get more in their downline to get even more levels of affiliates.

To join the company, you need to invest at least $10. It will get you started with the company. But if you want to make more, you’ll need to invest more and start with the compensation plan.

Is Ryna Holdings A Scam?

A lot of people will say it is, a lot of people will argue it’s not. I can’t say 100% for sure if it is or not, but I can say I will not be investing with the company and advise you follow my lead. There are simply too many shady platforms like this to make this one a trustworthy one.

Ryna Holdings Conclusion

According to the website, the company operates in the areas of stocks and financial trading as well as forex and cryptocurrencies. Also, they are promising to offer solutions with mining operations and ICOs. There are said to be details that will be released soon during company conferences and will be announced when the time is right.

The above may sound legit, but there is nothing backing any of the above claims. They have no evidence and instead seem to have a bunch of empty filler and promises that are not being kept. They basically just want users, investors and readers to take their word.

What is comes down to is that Ryna Holdings is simply an affiliate company that promises to offer investments. As money is brought in, the company will use it to pay out their ROI to older affiliates who’ve been in for a significant amount of time.

Basically, the administrators in the company will end up getting most of the money. It’s setup so that a small amount of people will be getting all the money in this situation. And everyone else will likely lose a lot of money. It’s a classic Ponzi scheme, something that happens all the time and Ryna Holdings is doing it just like all the other one’s that have been on the market.

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