What Is Saascoin?

Saascoin is a blockchain-based payment gateway tailored to suit the need of Software-as-a-service (SaaS) businesses. The Saas is the second largest cloud computing industry. However, it faces many challenges in processing of its payments like handling of its recurring payments.

The Saascoin aims at solving the problems that SaaS business face in their current payment gateways such as high payment gateway fees, chargebacks, integration, and security and in turn provide a payment gateway that is trustworthy, reliable, safe, and transparent.

It also aims at providing buyers and sellers of a virtual product with a virtual currency that will return complete control of the transaction to those undertaking in the transaction.

Saascoin Software As A Service Payment Gateway Concept

The Saascoin operates on Crypto Night algorithm, which means that Saascoin’s blockchain supports the Ring CT and multi-sig wallets. Other additional features have been added to the blockchain and SAAS wallets in order to enable them fit the needs of SaaS businesses and their clients.

The platform hides business tranactions from the decentralized blockchain network in order to prevent third parties such as a business’ competitors from knowing the number of transactions it has carried out in order to determine its performance. In order to decentralize the blockchain network, Saascoins uses a Proof of Work (PoW) blockchain, which prevents manipulation from the blockchain owners. The decentralization of the blockchain ensures that Saascoin is light, secure, and robust.

Saascoin Benefits

Increased Payment Options:

Saas purchasers will have a variety of options to choose from when buying the Saascoin such as credit or debit cards, SWIFT transfers, automatic bank transfers, or even online payment methods such as PayPal.

Instant Transactions:

The current payment gateway that most Saas businesses use only allows them to receive the revenue from subscriptions in two or more working days. This is not the case with Saascoins, as business will have access to their funds immediately the transaction is confirmed.

No Decline Rate:

Decline rates on transactions by payment providers is one of the major challenges facing Saas businesses as it affects it cash flow stability. Saascoin guarantees no decline rate on purchases through it and all transactions will reach business’ wallet.


The Saascoin wallet has been designed in a way that make it easy to audit a company’s wallet in order to obtain information that might be required by auditors, accountants or financial advisors in order to advise or manage a SaaS company.


The Saascoin has a multi-signature wallet, which improves the security of the SaaS Company. This means that two people will be required in order to approve transactions out of the wallet.


Saascoin provides backend and fronted integration which facilitates the business environment for SaaS companies and solves the problem of complex integration effort, which previous research have found to among the major challenges facing SaaS companies.

Faster Time To Market:

The Saascoin will provide a platform to Saas companies to test market response to their services before formally registering a company to start transacting.

Saascoin SAAS Coin ICO Details

Saascoins are generated through the block rewards to miners, which help stabilize and regulate the economy of the coin. The ICO for the SAAS coin is live now. The price of the coin during the Initial Coin Offering will be $0.5. Payment methods that accepted during the ICO include the cryptocurrency and fiat currency.

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