After thoroughly researching and reviewing the crypto space, a team of seasoned experts observed that the current market is flooded with retailers. Furthermore, digital currencies are not a universally acceptable mode for payment in exchange for goods and services. Since 2015, Safcur has embarked on a process of formulating strategies that seek to promote the adoption of virtual currencies across the economic landscape.

Ultimately, Safcur intends to abolish the uncertainty clouding the acceptance of cryptocurrencies. They aim to achieve this by educating the masses on the advantages of shifting towards digital money. Therefore, this project proposes the creation of an online store that accepts payments made in cryptocurrencies.

The Problem

Since the concept of cryptocurrencies is relatively new, a lot of people still have reservations about it. Moreover, the systems that are currently in place are significantly unreliable, as the underlying technology is still in its early stages.

Safcur intends to mitigate these issues by creating an online platform run by blockchain technology. The systems will allow users to access goods and services directly from the seller, and pay in digital currencies when checking out.

Safcur Store Ecosystem

Fundamentally, this ecosystem will be the haven for digital currency holders. It promises a load of opportunities, including the transformation of cryptocurrencies into an authoritative trading tool. The Safcur platform is an aggregation of several components brought together to facilitate the use of virtual currencies as a mode of payment. The key components of the ecosystem include;

  • Platform: This is the store itself- virtual space where buyers and sellers interact. To register for this, users will have to provide their name, nationality, photo, contact details and a valid document proving their nationality.
  • Safcur As An operational currency: Users will have to exchange their respective cryptocurrencies into Safcur (SFR) to ease transactions over the aforementioned platform.
  • Trust: Safcur prioritizes this aspect and will strive to ensure that clients get online support throughout.
  • Security: Wallets on the Safcur ecosystem are secured with the impenetrable hybrid cryptography. Funds are also temporarily inaccessible to the seller until the transaction is verified.
  • Value: The online platform will ensure that the demand for SFR remains high, thus increasing its value.
  • Protection To The Buyer: Safcur treats its clients as a core pillar of their projection, which is why they go beyond their means to improve customer experience.

Token Sale

For the project, a total of 400,000,000 will be minted. Out of these, 100 million will go to the reserves and the remainder will be allocated for the crowdsale. During the sale, eligible cryptocurrencies will be Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, and Dash.

Below Is An Overview Of The ICO

  • Available tokens: 300,000,000
  • Token price: $0.1
  • Symbol: SFR
  • Minimum purchase per individual: $20 or 200 SFR
  • Maximum purchase per individual: 100,000,000 SFR
  • Presale – 225,000,000 SFR
  • Target amount – $5,000,000

Investors from all over the world with the exception of China, Singapore, Vietnam and countries that are embargoed by the USA will be eligible for the ICO.

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