Safe Haven & MyWish Smart Contracts Partner For Blockchain Inheritance

Safe Haven has recently announced a partnership with MyWish that can potentially enhance safety and security of digital assets. In the first collaboration, MyWish is said to be focusing on creating more contracts that permit other digital assets to become inheritable within the Safe Haven wallet.

Safe Haven is a decentralized service that is committed in making users’ assets more inheritable. Then we have MyWish, a platform that executes smart contracts that automatically manage crypto. The two combined are supposedly making a collaborative effort in maximizing the safety of one’s assets.

MyWish has already taken initial steps, as it is working towards creating smart contracts that support coins within the Safe Haven wallet. In particular, its NEO-integration is said to have reached a 54% completion rate and is planned to be released on May 30th, 2018.

MyWill is a platform that focuses primarily on crypto funds management in specific life situations, as opposed to creating something that is universal. According to the claims made, its first product is the LastWill, which allows users to transfer a person’s savings to his or her families and friends, as a result of a sudden death. In addition to sudden-death situations, smart contracts may also be created for others like loss of a private key and transfer of money on occasion-specific dates.

This is definitely something that many might have not considered. The fact that the duo wants to make sure that one’s digital assets are given to the appropriate and designated individuals that the owner chooses to after his or her death is very commendable.

The Safe Haven team’s excitement in the partnership with MyWish has been well-reflected in their statement:

“We are extremely excited to build alongside one another the most advanced, secure, and ground-breaking digital inheritance systems within our market. We remain dedicated to our contributors, who build their futures here and rely on us to secure them safely.”

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