To most crypto traders, if not all, the loss of crypto assets through exchanges is a negative experience which most have to undergo. However, the loss of any sizable amount of crypto assets to the hacks, data breaches or malfunction can lead you to seek the services of a risk-free and safe exchange solution to solve your problem. SafeCrypt is a crypto-asset exchange and trading platform that plans to offer one of the most reliable exchange services for your crypto asset needs.

What Is SafeCrypt?

SafeCrypt is a risk-proof solution that combines a team structure with the use of matrix structure to make the platform more flexible and transparent to members of the platform. The Decentralized Autonomous Organization works on a model of not having to store the crypto asset within the platform but still perform your trade operations. The structure also allows for members to communicate and transact directly without the need for a hierarchy administration. In essence, SafeCrypt is set to help us overcome some of the unforeseen risk possibilities by eliminating intermediaries whereas and this portrays the platforms potential to grow.

SafeCrypt Secure Instant Cryptoexchange Platform Features

Although the platform is not fully functional, the team behind SafeCrypt have taken the liberty to provide a practical prototype to give members t feel of what to expect. Here are some of mechanics to await:

Automatic Transaction System-

With the full range of cryptocurrencies, the ecosystem will have a working merchant mechanics to enable traders to capitalize and make it easier for investors.

Verified Economic Model-

Through mathematical formulas, SafeCrypt's design ensures the security, stability, and growth of the token value with an ROI for each investor.

Cloud Network And Data Encryption Techniques-

The use of cloud-based storage enables the encryption and safety of the transaction data. The network also works to verify and authenticate investors, and transactions.

Collective Investment Functionality-

Allows for cumulative purchases by crypto investors to obtain more substantial bonuses

SafeCrypt Benefits

    • Safety and security is assured
    • Stability in the crypto trading markets
    • The economic model ensures constant growth of the token value
    • Faster and verified transactions
    • Simplicity regarding interface

SafeCrypt SFC ICO Details

SafeCrypt Initial Coin Offering will have two phases.

ICO Pre-Sale Phase starts on Mar 26, 2018. ICO Main Crowd sale Phase will start on May 2, 2018 and will last for 5 weeks. The ICO ends on Jun 7, 2018. The ICO may be finished earlier if all the available tokens are sold.

Is SafeCrypt Different?

The spike in the number of ICO featuring exchanges can mislead one to think the same for SafeCrypt. However, SafeCrypt is offering some exciting perks that could become worthwhile to the customers. Here are some of the differences that outline the platform.

Caters To The Trader-

Most exchanges are known for having complicated setups with details that could easily confuse the user. Safecrypt aims to take advantage of this gap by providing a user-friendly interface that is convenient to the trader with intuitive and seamless navigation.

High Level Of Anonymity-

The data encryption in SafeCrypt incorporates high standards of when it comes to the security of the personal data of its exchange members. That is made possible through the use of advanced cascade encryption algorithms.

Quick And Real-Time Transactions-

The speed or urgency of trade is paramount in crypto trading. SafeCrypt wants you to execute those trade decisions in the shortest time possible with less than 24 seconds for each transaction within its exchange.

Wide Variety Of Different Assets-

With exchanges having a few number of assets, members of SafeCrypt get to choose from a wide array of crypto assets which include more than 44 cryptocurrencies

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