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Each year, there are over 370 million on fatal work injuries and illnesses. In the US alone, there are about 10 fatal accidents daily. In the Netherlands, 1 in 15 employees will suffer a work-related injury annually.

These injuries do not just have an impact on the wellbeing of the individual. They also have a major impact on the economic productivity by about 3.94% of GDP. These injuries cost the EU about €476,000,000,000 every year.

The Safeguard protocol wants to mitigate these issues by creating the safety systems of tomorrow today. To achieve this, they are creating a decentralized platform that will predict injuries and accident preemptively in real time. With this system, they estimate that they could cut down workplace injuries by 20% before 2022.

What Is Safeguard?

This is a unique open source protocol network for the safety industry. It is a decentralized non- profit platform based on blockchain technology. It has a goal of facilitating the development of a safety application, which individuals and organization can build upon.

Data and AI have the potential of helping people understand the physical environment and helping in the prediction of dangerous situations that can occur in the workplace. With enough data gathered via IoT and predictive modeling, situations that pose a danger could be flagged. This will allow injuries and fatalities to be prevented before they occur.

The Safeguard Protocol is based on three years of research. It already has a huge customer base that consists of firms like BAM, KPN, and Ingram Micro. They want to take what they already have and make it an open source project. This way, they will offer organizations and business previously licensed software that can improve safety in their workplaces.

Issues Safeguard Seeks To Solve

One of the issues that face the safety industry is high costs. With Safeguard Protocol, users will utilize the Safeguard solutions and only pay in SGT for the extent to which they use the software. Another issue is privacy versus safety. For instance, if a worker is registered using their name, he or she has the right to be forgotten. However, Safeguard has a solution to that; high-end encryption using the blockchain.

The Safeguard Blockchain Workplace AI Safety Protocol Solution

The developers are going open source because they believe the world is rapidly evolving. They believe that the control over safety systems should be in the hands of all. This way, it will be possible for everyone to benefit from this technology in an accessible and affordable manner.

In keeping with the core principle of decentralization, this project will help to globalize the safety industry. If you choose to take part in the sale of Safeguard Tokens, your contribution will go towards supporting the development of the ecosystem.

Safeguard SGT Token ICO Details

  • Token: SGT
  • Pre-Sale Date: June 7 – July 31
  • Pre-ICO Price: 1 SGT = 0.1328 EUR
  • ICO Date: TBA
  • ICO Price: 1 SGT = 0.1328 EUR
  • Platform: NEO
  • Accepting: NEO
  • Minimum contribution: 1,000 EUR
  • Total Tokens: 113,400,000 SGT
  • Hard cap at Pre-ICO: 750,000 EUR
  • Hard cap at ICO: 9,250,000 EUR

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