Safein SFN ICO Review

Safein is a single sign-on digital identity and payment wallet. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is Safein SFN?

Safein lets you sign up, sign in, and pay with a single click while staying in control of your personal data. It’s a single sign-on digital identity and payment wallet. You can use Safein to hold, spend, and transfer cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

You can try Safein for yourself today by visiting It’s also available to download from the Google Play Store today as an Android app.

Overall, Safein describes itself as “a revolutionary way to pay online.” However, it’s more than just a wallet: websites can use Safein to authorize the identity of users, for example. You can get access to websites with a single click without messing with registrations or lost passwords. Safein will deliver your data to new websites for you, which means you can sign up for a brand new website or online service with a single click.

How Does Safein Work?

Some of the core features of Safein include all of the following:

Pay with Fiat or Crypto:

Once you’re logged in with Safein, you can make payments without providing any extra information. You can store your money in traditional currencies – fiat currencies – or any cryptocurrency. Safein will automatically convert and deliver funds in the merchant’s preferred way. Every payment is processed within the boundaries of Safein, making them instant, secure, and cheap.

Control your Data:

Safein lets you control your data, which means you always know what websites know about you. You can login online anonymously or only share data that the website really needs. You don’t have to go through a complex login process and enter the same data every time you sign up for a new online service. Plus, you can revoke data access permanently with a single click.

Easy Dashboard:

Safein has a web panel where users can control their access privileges. You access the panel through a mobile app or web browser. Through this panel, you can view your entire activity history, including registrations, logins, and payments.

Get Access to Websites with a Single Click:

Safein allows users to sign up and login to new websites with one click. You can avoid tedious registrations and passwords. After you approve (with a single click), Safein will deliver your data to new websites on your behalf.

What Problems Does Safein Seek to Solve?

Safein seeks to solve a number of major problems with today’s online services – including particularly e-commerce platforms. Some of the identified problems include:

  • Separate accounts are needed for each website
  • You need to repeatedly verify your account
  • You pay high processing fees and transaction fees
  • There’s the risk of fraud and chargebacks
  • Excessive personal data mining is an issue, and you don’t always know what a company does with your data after signing up for an account online

Features and Benefits

Safein aims to solve all of the problems listed above with the following features and benefits:

  • Single account for any website
  • One-time ID verification for all websites
  • Low cost or free service for token holders
  • Risk-free payments
  • Full control of your personal data

How Do Safein Tokens Work?

Each activity of Safein users is rewarded with Safein tokens, or SFN. Safein will also grow its userbase with SFN tokens, providing generous referral rewards in SFN. You get paid SFN tokens when referring new users to the platform.

Plus, merchants that hold SFN will enjoy free payment processing.

Users who pay with Safein tokens will receive monthly cashback rewards. Plus, certain tokens will be allocated to a login pool, and that login pool will incentivize Safein use among users and websites.

The Safein SFN ICO

The Safein ICO is scheduled to begin on March 20, 2018. The ICO will have a soft cap of 4000 ETH and a hard cap of 12,500 ETH.

The exchange rate will be set at 1 ETH = 9000 SFN. SFN tokens are ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. There’s a total supply of 1 billion SFN tokens, with 100 million tokens available during the token sale (10% of the total supply).

Of the remaining supply of tokens, 60% is set for a company reserve fund, 10% for the Safein registration pool, 10% for the Safein team and advisors (with a 6 to 24 month lockup period), 5% for the Safein login pool, and 5% for the Safein referral program.

Who’s Behind Safein?

Safein was created by co-founders Vladas Jurkevičius (Business), Audrius Slažinskas (Legal), and Lukas Deksyns (Operations).

Prior to launching the company, the Lithuania-based team co-founded Atlantis Games, a Lithuania-based eSports platform focused on authorization and payment-related projects. That company is still active, and the team continues to hold their executive level positions with the company. Both Atlantis Games and Safein were founded in 2017.

Vladas also previously founded HELIS, which grew to a team of 80 people in less than a year after being founded in January 2016. HELIS specialized in high growth large-scale e-commerce projects in eSports and virtual in-game economies.

Safein SFN ICO Conclusion

You can download the Safein app today from the Google Play Store here. That app lets you sign up for a website with a single click, authorize a payment with a single click, and authorize a login with a single click. You can avoid tedious passwords and member registration processes: e-commerce services that use Safein allow users to sign up for a brand new website with just a click. You can use the Safein app to selectively share data with various online services, then revoke access at any time.

To learn more about Safein and how it works, visit online today at


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