The Safinus system is led towards its pre-ICO, on which new entrants into the crypto market, even those who have zero knowledge and experience on the topic, can combine profitable crypto asset portfolios in only a couple of clicks. As a result of the platform, seasoned investors can dramatically increase the amount of funds that they manage. And professional traders and funds will draw in new clients on a worldwide scale.

While witnessing the wild and successful growth of this crypto industry, an increasing number of people are searching for an opportunity to invest in ICO's. On the other hand, the hype attracts tons of reckless developers and regular scam artists that launch projects together with the sole purpose of making a quick buck on investors and disappearing. These types of people not only hurt investors, but hurt the standing of the entire Blockchain ecosystem, stumping its growth.

The Safinus platform connects experienced investors, crypto funds, and specialist traders with beginner investors. This makes investments protected, grants protection from low quality ICO's, and helps to make money, providing for mutual advantages. This type of approach will not only help investors and traders but will also contribute to the evolution of the crypto industry due to attracting previously inaccessible funds, fostering security and trust.

What Features Does Safinus Provide?

Experienced investors, professional traders, and crypto funds can create investment portfolios from cryptocurrencies and ICO tokens, and then establish portfolio joining criteria for investors. Earnings of portfolio controls are devised from various commissions, which they establish for each portfolio based off of their own ruling. They independently set the dimensions of the commission and chose which ones to implement: for either joining or departing a portfolio, managing it, or even a percent off of income earned.

The Safinus platform compiles evaluations for each and every portfolio and sorts them based on their amount earning indicators, which is confirmed through the Blockchain, and the quantity of managed funds.

Investors may pick the most appealing portfolio from the evaluations and join it in a few clicks. Specialized knowledge and experience isn't required to accomplish this, the minimum investment is just 100$. Investor earnings are formulated in proportion to the sum that they led in the portfolio.

Use Of SAF tokens

To make a portfolio, a trader needs to have a balance of no less than 200 SAF tokens, they'll also be used to make payments within of the platform. After the ICO is completed, SAF tokens will be available on the most significant cryptocurrency exchanges. The demand for SAF will expand together with the platform and volume of traders who utilize it. Considering that no extra SAF tokens will ever be emitted, this will lead to a consistent growth in price.

Safinus Platform Enhances The Modern Day Cryptocurrency Market

Knowledgeable investors, professional traders, and crypto funds will significantly increase their earnings, expand their horizons, increase their effectiveness, as well as expertise and trust in the eyes of possible clients. Portfolio managers will be able to use investors situated in any portion of the planet without bureaucratic obstacles.

A close-knit community, that will make the crypto industry more fair and transparent, help fight scammers, let platform users to develop, in addition to share knowledge and experience. In addition to this, most of Safinus platform users will gain benefits from the cost expansion of SAF tokens together with the platforms turnover rate.

Distribution Of The SAF Tokens

Hard cap: 16 000 000 USD. The base price of 1 SAF token at the present time of the ICO will be 1 USD.

The Platforms ICO will undergo 2 phases:

Stage 1. Pre-ICO

Will continue on from the 2nd of December into the 12th of December, 2017.

During the Pre-ICO the cost of one SAF token will be:

  • Day 1 — 0,7 USD (30% discount)
  • Days 2-6 — 0,8 USD (20% discount)
  • Days 7-8 — 0,85 USD (15% reduction)

Phase 2. ICO

Will continue on by the 2nd of February to the 2nd of March, 2018.

Throughout the ICO the cost of one SAF token will be:

  • Days 1-7 — 0,9 USD (10% reduction)
  • Days 8-29 — 1 USD (0 percent reduction)

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