Salmanazar Capital

What Is Salmanazar Capital?

Salmanazar Capital is a new investment company focused in cryptocurrencies. This company creates funds to manage them and diminish the risk that investors have when investing in cryptos. This can be a pretty seductive idea, as this is a very volatile market and you can lose a lot of money if you make some bad trades in a row.

By having experts that will help you from buying Bitcoin to diversifying your portfolio, Salamanazar Capital main goal is to offer solutions to the clients and help them to make a lot of money by investing in cryptos.

High volatility, the company states, adds to the risk of crypto trading by yourself because the rewards are as big as the risks. If you have a diverse portfolio and managers that understand the market, though, you can make a lot of money by minimizing the risks that you have. The company urges you not to leave your investment’s success up to chance but to trust professional fund managers.

The company states that the team is composed by fund managers and financial advisors that have many years of experience in asset management and forex trading but it does not name anyone.

How Salmanazar Capital Crypto Asset Investments Partners Works

Basically, the company gives you help and tutorials on how to acquire Bitcoin and then you can use it to invest in one of the plans. The company manages the money that you invested and decides for you in which cryptocurrencies you should invest.

By doing this, the company is able to use the volatility of the market in favor of the clients because it always looks for the most profitable investments. This company is the choice for investors who are not willing to risk everything by investing without a serious knowledge of how the crypto market works and prefer to hire other people.

Salmanazar Capital Investment Plans

This company has devised a number of plans from which you can choose to find out which one is perfect for you. These plans are basically managed crypto funds that you can be a part of and each one has different tokens:

BlueChips (0.02 BTC): This crypto fund invests in the ten cryptocurrencies with the strongest market capitalization.

MidCaps (0.02 BTC): this fund invests in cryptos with a medium market capitalization and has a preference for cryptos with a focus on Cloud Storage and Web 3.0.

RisingStars (0.02 BTC): this fund looks for projects that are just starting out like ICOs and invests in them before they get value.

Index Top 25 (0.05 BTC): As you have probably guessed by the name, this plan invests in the top 25 cryptocurrencies of the market by capitalization.

CryptoGarant (0.1 BTC): you can invest in Bitcoin without losing your money in case the price decreases (meaning that if you invested 2,000 USD, you can get more money but never lose it).

SmartReturn (0.1 BTC): 5% return monthly. Independently of any factors, you will always receive your returns by using this plan, which was made for prudent investors.

Each plan has management fees, so be sure to check them out before you invest.

Salmanazar Capital Conclusion

Salmanazar looks OK. It does not look like a blatant scam but it does not seem like a company that you can just trust 100% without spending some time checking them first. Our main problem with the company is that it never states who is really behind the site.

While the site looks serious and legit, you cannot help but doubt at least a little of a company who never tells its clients who are the creators.

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  1. Investment advisors are prohibited by law from promising an investment return.

    “SmartReturn (0.1 BTC): 5% return monthly. Independently of any factors, you will always receive your returns by using this plan, which was made for prudent investors.”

    Not sure how they are able to promise a 5% return in something as volatile as crypto-assets. Seems incredibly sketchy. I’d be curious to know if they are registered as an investment advisor, or just disregarding the rules.


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