Being the Call Center of the world, it’s believed that every year, as much as $27 billion is sent to the Philippines. Many of these funds originate from the millions of employers based elsewhere in the rest of the world. But remitting funds isn’t as smooth as it may sound – they are slow and somewhat expensive.

Introducing SALPay ICO

There’s little doubt fewer ICOs are as well thought-out as SALPay. Many companies from all over the world prefer to outsource call center services from this country, and that means they often pay a lot, usually after enduring many hassles.

However, all this is expected to be a thing of the past soon, thanks to an intuitive, innovative and award-winning payment ecosystem that will benefit companies. SALPay (SAL) by Salarium is the name of this game-changer, and it leverages Blockchain technology to reduce remittance fees in the future while offering a lot more lucrative benefits.

SALPay Token Information

Salpay ICO is hoping to raise $20 million, although it has already raised $3.6 million in pre-sale. With about $7 million in soft caps, realizing the target seems a reality. The sale ends in early 2018 upon which checking funds, making transactions and getting financial aid at any part of the world will be a lot simpler.

SALPay ICO Summary

  • 1 Sal = $0.40
  • Minimum contribution: 0.1 Eth
  • 60% tokens offered to the public
  • Presale bonus: 5%
  • Supply: 100 million
  • Accepted: Bitcoin, Eth, Bankwire

SALPay Tokens will be what current and future clients would use to remit money to the SALPay ecosystem. What makes this system a lot useful is how it will integrate all popular fiat currencies (USD, AUD, EUR, SGD and JPY) for seamless buy and sell transactions.

Regardless of the funds to be remitted, SALPay promises to conduct the transaction and make money available instantly with a minimum and almost no forex loss. Necessary to add, SALPay is a MasterCard harmonized with an e-wallet so that everything takes place on one platform.

SALPay Benefits

  • Time saved when keeping track of all earnings, being able to withdraw via ATM, make purchases and transfer funds.
  • Show and withdraw money in over 11,000 ATMs
  • Avoid remittance costs of up to 80% on all transactions.
  • Guaranteed protection.
  • Manage funds with an e-wallet, including getting a loan.

Who Is Salarium?

Salarium isn’t an entirely new brand. However, SALPay (SAL) by Salarium is set to revolutionize how business and individuals send funds to the Philippines by eliminating the usual bottlenecks that include higher costs and needless hassles. Founded in 2013, it mostly operates in the Philippines to offer companies with payroll, remittance, and attendance software.

Salarium started by providing corporates with free attendance, SaaS, and employee payroll software before introducing this convenient financial product, SalPay. At the moment, SalPay is fully established, handling around $120 million worth of transactions for over 10,000 workers working at 500 companies.

SALPay Conclusion

This ICO is not a billion-dollar token, but it is highly likely it will enjoy price stability, despite relying on Cryptocurrency. Salarium as a distinguished payroll and e-banking platform is already making profits, much like Judah and there’s little doubt SalPay will be a success.

Many ICOs nowadays are fraudulent. Do you think this one falls into the same category? If it isn’t, are you willing to invest in it? Don’t hesitate to leave your comments below.

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