SamBanx is a mobile crypto banking platform that you can use to connect your crypto assets with your bank accounts and use your cryptos anywhere. The company already works in 33 countries with 3,000 different banks in Europe including Santander, UniCredit, HSBC, Barclays and Deutsche Bank.

What Is SamBanx?

This company has created a safe application for you to use the cryptos that are on your legal possession. It provides an ethical and transparent service that will help you to fully comply with the legislation of your country to cryptocurrencies. SamBanx offers top security with features like cold storage and banking standards of protection.

This product will be available from the third quarter of 2018 onwards and it will receive continuous updates later.

SamBanx Mobile Crypto Banking Solution Features

This device has many features that will help investors and cryptocurrency users that are in need of a system like this one. By using the SamBanx you can connect with any European Bank account with a PSD-2 system, have an easy Know Your Customer option, access mutl accounts for fiat and crypto, get debit cards that can be used in any ATM, your own crypto index portfolio and more.

Some other features are a very simplified interface that will help you, an API for third party companies that want to integrate SamBanx to their services, easy online payments that can be made via a gateway for e-commerce or via the offline POS service that works with QR terminals.

This company will provide services like international fiat and crypto transfers for you, an excellent customer support that works 100% of the time, security solutions to protect your money and good exchange rates.

SamBanx states on its website that it fights for the lowest exchange rates in the market and uses a software to ensure that the clients will have the best opportunities whenever they want to take money from their virtual wallets to their accounts or their pockets.

The company can also be useful for you if you want to have an European bank account but you do not have an European citizenship because you will be able to open your bank account via the program.

The two main services that are being offered by this new company are services for the management of your bank accounts and digital money and payment services. Online services include a wide range of e-commerce solutions while the offline ones are useful to really make your Bitcoin feel like real money. SamBanx also creates coupons and vouchers that you can use for offline payments where the companies do not have QR code readers.

SamBanx Investment Plans

SamBanx has four different plans that you can use. The Silver Plan has a cash withdrawal limit of 5,000 USD, 24/7 support, SMS informing and travel insurance. The Gold Plan takes the value up to 10,000 USD and the Platinum plan has new features like a personal manager, concierge services and investment consultant support. The value of 20,000 USD free cash withdrawal.

Finally, there is the Satoshi plan with unlimited withdrawals and special conditions. The price of these plans was not divulged.

SamBanx SAM Token & ICO Details

This company has decided to start a token sale to offer its SAM tokens to investors and finance the launch of the platform in the market. Each SAM token will have the base price of 0.40 EUR and there is going to be a total token supply of 100,000,000 SAM, 70% of which will be sold on the sale. 10% will be delivered in airdrops, 15% will be reserved and 5% will go to advisors and the bounty program.

The sale will last until August 1, when the beta version of the platform will be launched and the tokens will be issued to the buyers.

Tokens provide discounts when using the platform and there will be constant buybacks from the company, which will diminish the total number of tokens and therefore will enable the investors to actually make more money because will cause an inflation in the price of the SAM tokens.

The SamBanx Team

The leadership team of the company has experts like Stan Korelchuk (managing director), Sergey Yakovlev (managing director), Peter Zmak (CTO), Dušan Ličer (technical lead), Mark Lukman (lead fintech developer) and Dragon Rasula (lead blockchain developer).

The legal team is made up of Andrei Danilov, Brian Konradi, Nato Tskhakaya and Peter Khokhlov. The advisory board of made of Igor Shoifot and Gregor Meha. Some companies that are in partnership with this company are Iteora, Licer Solutions, FinPay and BEKB BCBC.

SamBanx Conclusion

This is a very solid solution for the people who want to integrate their digital currency with their European bank accounts or want to have an European bank account even if they are not currently living in Europe or do not have any type of citizenship there. The ICO also seems like something that could be very interesting for investors.

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