The talk of today’s society has been surrounding cryptocurrencies. Will they replace fiat money? Will digital assets be the next big thing? After having witnessed a drastic jump Bitcoin experienced ( reaching close to $14K at the end of November, 2017), many consumers jumped abroad. While some oppose cryptocurrencies, there are many for it and one of them being Sam’s Club. Sam’s Club took a humorous perspective on cryptocurrencies for April Fool's Day with their supposed launch of a coin called “bulk” coin.

Sam’s Club’s CEO, John Furner said the following, “Bitcoins, Litecoins and the teeny tiny coins weren’t cutting it for our value-seeking members.” Hence, the reason why they want to provide a “2,400-pack of bulkcoin for $19.98”. Their humor sense is well reflected in their comments, as Sam’s Club is preferred for those who want to make purchases in bulk, while saving money doing so.

With the current fluctuating markets, Sam’s Clubs supposed goal of offering bulkcoin can potentially “help to stabilize the market!” What’s appreciable is that they did not simply stop there, as they have also considered possible partnerships they would consider like Chuck E. Cheese and Dave & Buster’s, as well as the opportunity for miners. Unlike most cryptocurrencies that are yet to be utilized within society, Sam’s Club claims that bulkcoins can be redeemed for special gifts like their hot dogs and berry sundaes. Sam’s Club has definitely pulled the ultimate prank for April Fool's Day by even considering factors real cryptocurrencies fail to answer!

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