Samsung SDS Cello Smart Blockchain Logistics Business Network Platform

Samsung has rolled out a plan to expand its logistics business through Samsung SDS. This is its Internet technology solutions department, and it is tasked with the application of advanced technologies. They include Artificial Intelligence and blockchain which will be coming aboard its smart logistics platform.

The upgrades to the smart logistics platform were announced by Hong Won-Pyo, the CEO of Samsung SDS. This was during a press conference in South Korea where he stated that the platform will now handle a complete supply chain with end-to-end encryption. According to Hong, IoT, AI, and blockchain are a major part of their operations, and they are seeking for ways to make them even better. This new integration will allow retailers to handle inventories with more efficiency.

Samsung SDS Cello Logistics Business Real-Life Cases

The company is focusing on making more real-life cases out of new and emerging technologies such as blockchain. They have to prove their utility and value to the users to help them understand how effective they can be. Considering that blockchain is an open resource, the company seeks to combine it with the right functions because this is the only way but can be used to serve the right function. Although most companies do not do this, Samsung is keen to focus on it.

Samsung launched their Cello platform in 2012, and they have used it to launch various technologies. Although it started as a subsidiary to Samsung Electronics, it has expanded into strategic investments and that is how they ended up in emerging technologies. Previous undertakings have seen the company get involved in international shipping procedures and food inventory management.

Samsung SDS AI-Based Centers

There also is a fulfillment center that is based on AI. This center acts as data analysis platform and makes sales projections for every product sold by retailers depending on past sales patterns. It is estimated that the AI system applies to 428 outlets in Germany and 53 in the entire Austria.

In the near future, Samsung expects to handle about 488,000 tons of air cargo every year. It also hopes to handle over a million units of ship cargo. With such shipment volume, it will become the largest logistics firm in the world, solidifying its place as a leader when it comes to this industry.

Recently, Samsung partnered with a local government in South Korea allowing them to apply blockchain technology to its administrative duties. They are expected to use it to improve transport and public safety affairs before 2022, and this will bring transparency and convenience.

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