Influencer marketing is catching fire and is at an all time high. 92% of people trust recommendations even if they don’t know the people who are recommending. However, the current process for both advertisers and influencers are complicated.

This coupled with uncertain price determination, unsecured transaction, non-compliance of executed and fraud makes this process hard to trust. On top of that marketing companies charge about 20-50% of a brand’s budget in fees.

This is where SAMY (Social-Media Ambassadors Marketing You) sees their opportunity.

About SAMY

SAMY is the first hybrid-decentralized platform to discover, create, perform, analyze and measure advertising campaigns. By using Blockchain they reduce the costs of the parties involved and make it easier to integrate marketing initiatives between ambassadors and brands. The advantages of using SAMY tokens are as follow:

  • Advanced analytics is provided by Google.
  • The fees are transparent and lower than any platform that is there in current market
  • The platform has dedicated onboarding team which makes it easy to use
  • The services are customizable and adaptable to the needs of brands or ambassadors.
  • In platform logistics management is present for tracking products to ambassadors.
  • To speed up the turnaround time of the entire process there are time window constraints.
  • Rating system holds the users accountable.



It is their free service where brands create opportunities for ambassadors to market the brand’s products. The unique opportunity creation process helps brands filter out ambassadors limited to a specific criteria and in the same way help ambassadors to target brands which suit their image.


This is also a free to use service that allows a brand to create opportunities for the brand of ambassadors on the platform. The content created is owned and licensed to you through proprietary licensing agents.


This is a public relations service to brands. They gather specific information from the brand and specific information from the ambasador. Then by leveraging machine learning and algorithms to optimize a marketing plan, SAMY creates a custom strategy beneficial to both parties.

Samy SMY Token Sale

The SAMY Token(SMY) will carry out all the transactions in SAMY. A maximum total of 1 Billion SAMY token is issued as ERC20 token, which will be available for public sale on March 02, 2018 and will continue for 42 days. The tokens can be purchased with Ethereum.

Presale goes live 14 days prior to the public sale and includes a 20% bonus. 48% of the funds will be used in the development of the platform, 35% will go in its marketing and 27% will be reserved for their operations.

Samy SMY ICO Token’s Benefits

  • Reduced Transaction Costs: Using the Ethereum blockchain with SMY token can reduce the overall merchant fees helping a customer save more.
  • Smart Contracts: It becomes very easy to execute social media marketing strategies through smart contracts which is based on escrow type transactions.
  • Security: As the platform runs on the blockchain which uses smart contracts, protection of both financial and personal data of the users becomes easier.
  • Debitum Wallet: Using Debitum wallet assures that each transaction is secure and even if a user’s private key is compromised, there is no way for the attacker to steal the funds.

Samy SMY ICO Conclusion

More and more consumer decisions are been made with the influence of social media and is bound to grow in the future. SAMY seems to be in an perpetually increasing market and with leadership like Denis Angell(CEO) and William Harp(COO), they seem to be in reliable hands.

Find out more about SAMY and SMY token on their site

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