Sancoj is a decentralized platform powered by the blockchain that will offer opportunities for those is the crypto ecosystem. It has been designed as a blockchain-based platform that acts as an opportunity supermarket. The platform is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Besides that, there has been some AI incorporated into this project.

Thus, this project does not just use the blockchain but AI as well to offer services to the whole world. The developers of the platform settled on the Zingo system as their AI agent. It will analyze data from users and suggest portable opportunities for the Sancoj platform users.

Why Sancoj Uses Blockchain AI Zingo Agent

Zingo is an AI that will run on the Sancoj platform. It has numerous benefits within the platform. This AI will analyze data from users and make suggestions to users for profitable activities. The AI will also analyze the data and use an algorithm to determine the chances of success.

Zingo is expected to have a success rate of up to 80 percent. It will assist the users in sending messages and application to potential funders. With Zingo, users will be able to discover more opportunities for success. The AI is going to be deployed on a different website. Thus, users will have to sign to the site to use it. Zingo is going to be deployed on a web scraper. This way, it can scrap opportunities for various sites. It will then gather these scraps in one place and use them to create opportunities.

Sancoj SANC Token ICO Details

The platform is based on the blockchain with a tokenized crypto. It will, in essence, be the first world opportunity market. The token is called the SANCOJ token and abbreviated SANC.

The presale occurred on April 16 and will end on April 23, 2018. During the main ICO event, 5 billion tokens will be distributed.

On the platform, BTC and ETH will be accepted for the purchase of tokens. There will be a 68.75% bonus for the token holders.

The main ICO will start on May 1, 2018, and it will end on May 30, 2018.

The tokens will be offered to buyers from the whole world. However, China and US citizens cannot be involved in the purchase of tokens.

Tokens Distribution

  • 20% of tokens will be released after the ICO event
  • 20% will be released after the mobile applications are launched for both iOS and Android.
  • 20% after integration of 3 modules
  • 20% after the launch of the AI agent
  • 20% after the launch of the Debit Card

Sancoj Summary

This platform is yet another great use of the blockchain technology. It is the first such opportunity marketplace. However, we will have to wait for the platform to launch to see how it works. Their integration of AI and the blockchain is unique. It goes to show that the blockchain technology still has more to give to the world. The only way to make this dream a reality is to take part in the ICO and give the funders the money they need.

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