Sapphire Coin is the cryptocurrency for a new skill-based game that will allow players to win the world’s biggest jackpot. This game is called the One Click Millionaire game-Click Jackpot. The coin will be used in the game to win some of the biggest prizes in history. The coin can also be exchanged in exchanges globally.

SapphireCoin Uses

The token is built on an Ethereum platform, and it is based on the ERC20 standard. The token supply is fixed at 1 billion tokens. The sale of the coins will be in an initial public offer.

The coin will be used as the exclusive currency in the skill-based gambling game. The game will be easily accessible to casual players. It will also be easy to play with a higher grand price which will make it more rewarding than other existing lotteries. The game will use a multi-step reward system which will allow players to win instant prizes as they seek the grand jackpot.

SapphireCoin Cryptocurrency Jackpot Game

After buying the tokens, the players will play the game with a single click against other online players using different game statistics and information. The average playing round will be less than a minute. However, those who want more rewards can play for longer periods. The active players will also be rewarded. The game can be played on different devices including mobile phones and laptops. The platform will use game metrics to encourage skill-based gaming.

The game will have a referral lottery program, which will commence during the ICO. In the program, investors will get a chance to win rewards even before they play. The Win Without Playing referral lottery will be available weekly. The program will have weekly rewards that will range from 10 k to 1 million tokens. The draw will be executed as a classic lottery, and all the current token buyers and investors will be part of it.

SapphireCoin SPH Token ICO Details

The ICO is for seeking investors who can help to fund the development of the gambling project. Those buyers who choose to buy the token early will get discounted prices for their tokens. Buyers who buy the tokens in the presale phase will get 10 tokens for every token they buy. They will also be able to buy the token at a discounted price of 0.10€ per token. During the pre-ICO stage, you get 5 tokens for every one token you buy at 0.20€ per token. The price goes up to 0.33€ per token during the ICO, and you only get 3 tokens for every one you buy. After the ICO, the token will retail at 1.00€ on exchanges.

The platform also has a referral program where the owner of the code and the one who uses the code gets +30 extra tokens. Further, there is the early investor bonus that will be given in the pre-sale. The extra token bonus that will be from 5% to 50% will be given depending on the purchase price.

To protect the token investors, the platform has made a collaboration with PayApi Escrow a third party company that will ensure the security of the token sales and the investors’ funds. In case the minimum funding targets are not realized, the escrow process will ensure that investors get their money back minus the 3% processing fee.

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