What Is Satori Books?

Satori Books is a project that seeks to redefine publishing through the use of blockchain technology. By carrying out an ICO, the project aims at bringing transparency into the publishing industry. In better terms, Satori Books is an online bookstore built on blockchain technology. Through the use of cryptocurrency systems, Satori Books will be accessible and transparent to all.

Satori Books Blockchain eBook Store Coin Features

The platform is on a mission to enable free sharing of books around the globe. Towards this end, the platform will have great features such as:

  • AI translation – Books from all over the world will be easily translated through the use of artificial intelligence.
  • Commission-free – Sales will be made directly eliminating the need for mediators and other logistical barriers.
  • Free publishing – Anyone from around the world can publish since there will be zero copyright and royalties fees.
  • Satori eye – The platform will put in place an e-book reading device

Satori Books STR Token ICO Details

The token sales date will start on 6th June 2018 and the token symbol is STR. The total supply of STR tokens is 100 million with a soft cap of 2 million USD and a hard cap of 50 million USD. The ERC20 standard token will exchange at the rate of 1 STR for 1 USD. The sale will be done using Ethereum and will close once 50,000 ETH is reached.

Satori Books Conclusion

In March 2018, the whitepaper was released and the ICO scheduled to start in June 2018. The pilot release of Satori Books is scheduled for December 2018 and an Android app released in March 2019. Another major milestone is the release of Satori Books e-reader in July 2019. The project has a diverse team that will oversee the early development stages of the project.

Moving forward into the future, policy managers will be brought on board in order to grow the platform further. Acquiring the STR token will enable an investor gain from a decentralized online e-book store.


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