Satoshi Brewery

Many companies are opting to attract investments using the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) method for its independence and efficiency as compared to the traditional methods or raising funds. Apart from allowing the companies to implement their policies without interference, it is also an easier way of reaching more people willing to invest small amounts rather than having a few people with a lot at stake.

Satoshi Brewery Token is no different from other Ethereum based cryptocurrencies, although it is the first brewing token. This token aims at raising funds to set up one of the largest regional craft brewery in the north-west of Russia. Their aim is to raise 7,200,000 million dollars by the time of its official launch in June 2018.

Why Satoshi Brewery Token?

The team in this project forecast that the production volume will have surpassed 8.5 million liters of craft beer 18 months after the launch. They also project that the net profit will have hit about 13 million US dollars. The team has gone ahead to support their projections with existing data of beer consumption in Russia and its neighboring countries. They aim to distribute this beer to countries such as Sweden, Norway and Finland in addition to the already existing large market in Russia.

In the U.S (United States), the market share of craft beer had already exceeded 14% which is equivalent to $24.5 billion. In Russia, consumption of this beer is still at its initial stages, but its showing a staggering growth. It is expected to have taken about 6% of the beer market representing about $1.4 billion by the end of 2017. Russian official statistics indicate that the total volume of beer consumed in 2016 was 7940 million liters, a clear indication of the size of the market that craft beer will eat into.

The token will retail at an estimated price of $2.4. This is an attractive price considering the promising projected profits. There is also a discount system of up to 44% if you buy an SBL token carried out on ICO.

Marketing And Selling The Beer

Satoshi will use special projects and work with opinion leaders. The company will also participate in crafting events and use the SMM strategy to build and increase customer loyalty.

What Is Craft Beer?

Craft beer is that which is brewed by a small and independent brewery using traditional and non-mechanized methods. Unlike the large industrial brewers, the small traditional breweries use classic ingredients avoiding chemical impurities and preservatives. Satoshi brewery aims at producing high quality drinks directly from natural ingredients giving it an original flavor and preserving all vitamins and minerals contained in the ingredients.

Satoshi Brewery Technology

Satoshi brewery plant is in the city of Murmansk in an industrial building with the right equipment to brew the beer. Zip technologies one of the world’s leading manufacturer of craft beer brewing equipment, will provide the plant with the required machinery for its production process. Consumers therefore, can expect high quality, and a beer rich in a natural taste.

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