[BREAKING]: Is “Satoshi Nakamoto” Craig Wright, Dave Kleiman and Phil Wilson? Bitcoin Creators Revealed!

WOW. right?

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This may take a second to digest so Let's minute to consume this latest bitcoin brain dump unfolding just hours ago.

Bitcoin's Creator, who goes by “Satoshi Nakamoto“, has long thought to be either a he, she or they – but now, just like that – we have intriguing news being sought out after that the Satoshi Nakamoto moniker is in fact a ‘they' and the grand reveal of the creators, founders and architects of the world's first blockchain currency application are:

  • Craig Wright
  • Dave Kleiman
  • Phil Wilson “Jamie? / Scronty?”
  • More Coming…?

You read that right.

After nine plus years of near complete anonymity (with plenty of assumptions and happenings in between), the face(s) behind Satoshi Nakamoto is now in clear sight.

who is satoshi nakamoto

Yeah right, right?

Well now there is a new story to share that is unfolding right now with new insights. Since Bitcoin's inception over nine years ago (and 10 years since bitcoin.org was registered), Satoshi Nakamoto's illustrious identity has been masked until a recent flurry of juicy sound bites to extract from we believe finally reveals who Satoshi Nakamoto's true identity is.

How? drumroll please…


More specifically, Crypto Twitter.

Here's the story and how it all happened as we try to piece together this magical moment in time regarding Bitcoin's early day inception periods and statuses amongst what looks to be a group effort in which some of the main characters are finally being filled in as.

Now, if you read all of the content on this page your head will explode, given the gravity of finding out who Satoshi is on top of the fact its a bit wordy and has time warps back and forth (hard to follow – just like crypto trading charts) as there are many moving pieces unfolding here and its real-time so bare with us.

How We Now Know Who Satoshi Nakamoto Is?

Let's talk about a tip of the iceberg which just melted into the polarizing discussion of who thought of Bitcoin and is the whitepaper author known as Satoshi Nakamoto. Let's see how a seemingly innocent crypto-twitter question and answer let the cat out of the bag on one of bitcoin's biggest burning wonders in its near-decade long game-changing profession as the ‘Internet of Money' and how all of this leads into the grand reveal of who Satoshi Nakamoto actually is.

A little more back story before we dive deep into these currently fresh unfoldings within the cryptocurrency community.

When Bitcoin Cash (BCH) forked from Bitcoin (BTC) back in August 2017, things had been running relatively smooth despite the value drop and overall crypto bear market – but jump forward not even a year later and now there is big controversy brewing between the newly formed Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency and  it frankly breaks down into: Bitmain and ViaBTC vs nChain and CoinGeek vs CobraClient (nochange).

This Bitcoin Cash hard fork drama is really producing some pre-made fireworks from the actual event taking place in November. The Bitmain vs nChain split (Jihan Wu vs Craig ‘Satoshi Wright) happening within the community and it all comes down to a “mining election“. You can also read this post to find out more of the who vs who and what vs what. So what we are focusing on here is that all of this back and forth has really opened up the dialogue and in the dark corners of crypto twitter verse, there was a comment thread back and forth involving Phil Wilson that ultimately opened up pandora's box as to who Satoshi was and is.

Opening it back up now that we have some pre-context as to how we suddenly, and even very subtly picked up on the fact that the three gentlemen above are indeed Satoshi Nakamoto or at least the main part of a core group of individuals with input and intellect.

Here's what we know.

Bitcoin Creators and the “Tulip Trust Keys”

Where to start – let's not waste time you have already waited nearly a decade to find out for some of you old'heads in the space and read through a thousand words of brain pump in dumped data for any crypto casuals cruising on by to find out who Mr/Mrs/Them Satoshi Nakamoto actually is.

But everything has a story, and the BitcoinSV lead nChain/Craig Wright charge is saying one thing about miners and network protocol and on the flipside Wormhole lead Bitmain/Jihan WU is calling for omni-layer style transactions which seem to have a direct (or indirect but beneficial) play into their exact business models. Why we keep hammering this is because its seems the community interaction in the social media age is slowly lifting the veil as to how Bitcoin's earliest pioneers were moving and operating nearly a decade ago now.

We could jump into the rabbit hole of Craig Wright's level of early day bitcoin involvement, BUT lesser known Phil Wilson just threw out some VERY INTERESTING comments that have tipped the scales ever so slightly in a big way if we examine the remarks made a bit closer.

So back to crypto twitter to bring this full circle – he was asked:

“are you more sympathetic to ABC changes or BU changes? (I assume you are not sympathetic to SV or Cobra Client #NoChange stunt” but the real reason why you are here and WHY this all came to be, is this:

By this all unfolding from Satoshi to BTC to BCH to Craig is to now BCH ABC vs BCH SV, this happened:

but then the magic beans were spilt behind the early-days of Satoshi and dem-boys involved:


When asked if self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Dr. Craig ‘Satoshi' (Steven) Wright in plain english “can craig move the coins? or are they gone forever?” (all of this has been long speculated) he replied and implied:

Bitcoin was in a few multi-sig addresses – if “they” (Craig and Dave) both agreed on using some of the coin for research and development purposes then they could – but he (Phil Wilson) would have the deciding vote is there was ever a disagreement between Dave and Craig.

yes, it just keeps getting better:

Phil continues by saying the purpose of the Tulip Trust Keys was never supposed to be able to be used for proving who Satoshi was, hence why the GMX key in there was not the same one which was generated back in 2008 – it was only made to look like that in case Craig ever chose to break his word – he continues – Come January 1, 2020 – those ‘bitcoin/btc' addresses get UNLOCKED and CRAIG will be able to transfer whatever coin hasn't been pre-sold to any backers. if any version of Bitcoin is worthy ANY price at that date then THIS will become the greatest HEIST in human history.

When asked, How is it a heist if Craig is infact Satoshi and owns the keys – Phil replied, “holding them doesn't mean he owns them all.”




Where do we start again with such a fresh look into what is going on here. Is Craig a front man or was he there pre-whitepaper days but still not the lead man (many argue it will never matter who Satoshi ends up being)?

Now, Satoshi is said to have 1 million BTC mined, and we also see others say 700,000 BTC, and we have made illustrations showing Satoshi's mined bitcoin based on blockchain data and made them into historical graph data from a credible source that you can look at here.

BUT 700K to 1 Million Bitcoin (BTC and any Bitcoin-Fork) “worthy any price on January 1, 2020” could be the ultimate dump from BTC to BCH or BCC or which ever “Bitcoin is Cash” Craig and them/team decide to do? Quick math at 700,000 BTC at $7,000 is $4.9 Billion (and if was 1,000,000 BTC at ATH of $20K~) would be $20 Billion range – by January 1, 2020 (next halving will be between April-June 2020) the price of one BTC could be much higher given the trajectory and advancements being made despite all the internal politics.

While we could assume and speculate, it seems like as time goes on we will get a great glimpse of the inner workings of Bitcoin's fabolous creation as a new tool for humanity to trade, exchange and interact in a safe and verifiable way.

Satoshi Nakamoto's True Story: When Will We Know?

Bitcoin (BTC) is the original cryptocurrency and first blockchain-based asset ever created.

As a category creator and true innovator in every way in its own right – even on par with the Internet – from day 1 was done was a complete protocol that attempts to create money all could agree on and ‘set in stone' to become an equivalent of trustless electronic cash.

Of course developmental interaction must be there to improve and patch up any unknowns given use, economics and evolving technology acceleration – but bitcoin is bitcoin because of the base of the whitepaper – in which *someone* was the main penmen of it all – and now we see more of it – but all of us agree on the principles and ‘math/code/law' from day one.

Fast forward after many years of running “successfully”, a community starts to form around a network where everyone agrees to an equal playing field known as “voting with hashrate mining power” or aka “electricity=money” and didnt need a strong consensus outside of everyone not wanting to be bad actors to the network as it went through patches and fixes as any software might at 0.1 release).

So naturally members start voicing opinions on how to scale (multi-billion to multi-trillion dollar market caps) and nothing but stagnation dominated that dialogue as side chain solutions and second layer protocols seemed to be the only way to do it vs “big blocks”. Satoshi's silence online and the scaling debate went no where fast due to being a leaderless, trustless and decentralized digital currency. But as fate would have it, new companies and groups and business models form where everyone is trying to take an approach to ‘fixing' bitcoin's blockchain scability ‘issues'. Then the community starts to erupt and ‘take sides' and the like towards optimal growth and payment network use case its meant to be.

So let's keep tying in some loops if you haven't already skipped down on us already. As a result of no progress and second layer solution known as Lightning Network ironically ultimately splitting the community tree into at least 2 groups (BTC/BCH and arguably a third in all altcoins), on top of ‘no Satoshi' communication (since 2013) or true identity reveal (Then in 2015/2016 Craig Wright pronounced himself as Satoshi which is referenced below by Phil Wilson) – which in the nature of being the only truly decentralized cryptocurrency – the community had no leader or centralized voice that carried any more weight than the next.

Thus, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) forked from the main BTC blockchain and created its own version of ‘Bitcoin' and called it Bitcoin Cash, citing the whitepaper's tagline of “Bitcoin: Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System as it was intending to fulfill Satoshi's original vision of being a cash/currency vs a store of value which many thing of BTC as a settlement layer today.

There is so much to unpack and touch (Craig and Dave's lawsuit) (Mt Gox Bitcoin Address Rumor), (JUICY ONE: Craig Wright sharing Bitcoin.org registration process) (BIG ONE: Vitalik Debate lead to leaked email and lawsuit highlights), (Craig vs ViaBTC),  (Bitcoin Craig as BCC), (Chinese academic book lists Craig as Bitcoin Creator) on but for now before this gets to be thousands and thousands of words (as it eventually will be played out).

But the reason why we wanted to package up a lot is because the future of cryptocurrency and its culture and dna is in limbo of losing is lambo status. Shots of when moon hopium are everywhere for hodlers but until the community unites (1,900 altcoins aka shitcoins is not uniting) the Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash vs Satoshi's Bitcoin Stash saga is going to be quite a story to watch on the big screen one day and hopefully you are paying for that using your phone and directly with ‘bitcoin'.

Make sure you leave us your comments below and give some feedback. As we have not verified any of this and do not know Phil Wilson nor had any contact to date yet, this is fascinating and many crypto rumors fly around but any of them involving Satoshi Nakamoto will surely be worthy of a read and open up the can of worms on how to figure this out as a whole. Long live the one and only, bitcoin.

Bitcoin (BTC) vs. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Battle: Will It Bring Out The Best of Bitcoin Or End Up A Scandal

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