Satoshi Nakamoto Republic

You have probably heard of Satoshi Nakamoto. This is the alias of the inventor of Bitcoin, the man (or woman?) who revolutionized the entire financial industry with the creation of one of the world’s most important technologies: blockchain. Now, a team has decided to create on the legacy of the man. Get to know more about the Satoshi Nakamoto Republic.

What Is Satoshi Nakamoto Republic?

The main goal of this initiative is to erect real monuments to Satoshi Nakamoto all over the world as a homage to what he has done to the advancement of the technology in the world. Also part of this plan is to found the Satoshi Nakamoto City on a private island and to create a Virtual Decentralized Blockchain Republic (VDBR).

The monuments will be raised on the cities that have raised enough funds to do it. The biggest monument of Satoshi will be on the Satoshi Nakamoto City island. The project includes the creation of a new governance model for the Republic, which will give all its citizens the right to vote and the process will be completely transparent and impossible to falsify.

How Satoshi Nakamoto Republic Virtual Blockchain City Works

Basically, there will be a contest between the cities chosen by the users. Any city can participate. The memorials will be distributed and placed in the cities that get more funds, so it will be like a competition in which the statues of Satoshi Nakamoto are the prize.

It is important to notice that the administration of the cities that win has to confirm and comply with the installation of the monument within a month, as the organization does not want to do anything illegal. At the moment of this report, the city that has more funds is Kiev, in Ukraine, with 1 BTC raised.

Backers get the opportunity to buy Satoshi tokens during the pre-ICO, which will have prices ten times cheaper than the tokens will cost during the main sale. This can be obtained via getting the status of “crypto angel of the city”, which can be obtained via investing 1 BTC or more. You can also be a crypto angel of the Republic with 10 BTC or more.

Satoshi Nakamoto Republic SNRC Token ICO Details

The tokens of this new enterprise will be distributed in the following manner: 70% will be sold in the Initial Coin Offering, 10% in the pre-sale, 10% to team members, 5% to ambassadors and 5% to key partners like the Blockchain Business Network, Startup Network, Busines Faces and Crypta TV.

the pre-ICO will sell tokens at 0.00001 BTC each, with a price of 0.0001 BTC for the main sale. The soft cap will be 100 BTC for the creation of the virtual republic and 1000 BTC for the creation of the Satoshi Nakamoto City on the island. There will be no hard cap.

The pre-ICO begins on June 15 and the main ICO will be on October 1. The Satoshi tokens will per issued on November 1. The plans of buying the island will be made until April 1, 2019 and the installation of the monuments until May 1. The first elections will happen on October 1.

The Satoshi Nakamoto Republic Ambassadors And Team

The company is currently looking for ambassadors for the project so they can lead the fundraising activity and supervise the process of building the monuments in the cities that are chosen.

To become an investor, you have to have more than 1000 subscribers, engage in posting news about the initiative, communicate with the media and be a part of the crypto community. At the time of this report, the only ambassador was Andrey Moroz, from Kiev, which donated 1 BTC.

The founding members of the initiative are also from Ukraine. They are Alexander Soroka, Andrey Moroz, Victor Shpack, Stanislav Shum, Julia Osaulenko and Oksana Tjupa.

Satoshi Nakamoto Republic Conclusion

If you are a fan of Bitcoin and blockchain technology and you want to be a part of this new community, be sure to keep paying attention to this company. The Satoshi Nakamoto Republic is certainly a very interesting idea that has the potential to become something new and exciting.

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