The United Kingdom is the third largest country with respect to the number of installed bitcoin ATMs, following after the U.S. and Canada, which are significantly larger both geographically and population-wise.

Powered by General Bytes software in secure fixed-kiosk locations, Satoshi Point is the largest operator of Bitcoin ATMs across the United Kingdom. One of the first companies to operate Bitcoin ATMs in the UK, Satoshi Point was founded in 2014 by Hassan Khoshtaghaza.

There are currently 24 Satoshi Point ATMs across the UK. While initially a Bitcoin ATM, Satoshi Point now supports 52 different cryptocurrencies. The aim is to break down barries to entry and make using cryptocurrency easier than fiat currency.

Satoshi Point users are required to download an app, SatoshiWallet which aside from supporting various cryptocurrency wallets, allows users to find nearest ATMs for withdrawal and is to include new features such as SatoshiDrop and SatoshiCard. To download the app simply visit here, click download and select your device type to be taken to the appropriate online store.

If users were to lose their wallet due to loss of device or damage to device, the wallet can be recovered using a unique 12-word security phrase. To recover you wallet or switch to a different device, download the SatoshiWallet app and in the admin area go to,

Add Wallet > Import Wallet > Wallet Recovery Phrase

You will be prompted to input your 12 word phrase and you will once again be able to access your wallet.

For those using the Chrome Application it is possible to create a text file backup of your wallet. To recover a wallet from a text file go to:

Add Wallet > Import Wallet > File/Text Backup

You will be prompted to select the the recovery text file on your device.

Satoshi Point offers a facility to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at zero to very low processing cost. Hassan Khoshtaghaza, Managing Director of Satoshi Point is excited for its future, “I have so much positive energy for the future of SatoshiPoint and look forward to seeing the business grow and adapt to the needs of the crypto community in the United Kingdom and further afield.”

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