SatoshiTango: The Owner's Story of Argentina Crypto Trading Exchange

The Question Of How Satoshitango Was Founded

SatoshiTango is arguably among the key trading stands in Argentina, where users are able to purchase and sell virtual assets. However, there exists an exciting story behind the setting up of the platform.

From Indonesia To Argentina

The founder of SatoshiTango, Matias Bari, had no information about the digital assets prior to 2013 when he took a journey to Indonesia. In Indonesia, he unfortunately became unwell, and was therefore unable to enjoy his vacation as he had anticipated. Interesting, in his sick bed, he heard a conversion about Bitcoin, Deep Web, Silk Road, as well as a host of other virtual assets.

In his explanation about the events during his stay in Indonesia, he says that his head was blowing, not from anything in relation to fever, but it had something to do with his tummy. He asserts that he could not comprehend whether what he was hearing was real or just a misunderstanding.

He heard of someone creating the pioneer rare virtual good by making use of radical cryptographic techniques with profound understanding about sociology, macroeconomics, as well as the game theory. Being a chemical engineer from the Buenos Aires University, he came back from the trip in Indonesia and together with Nicolas Mariano Craiem, founded the SatoshiTango, after quitting his e-commerce business.

Since inception, the firm has had exponential growth and currently has about fifteen employees who work in diverse fields. SatoshiTango is also known for introducing innovative products and services, and also embraces global transfers from the European Union.

Within the coming few years, the company intends to provide innovative services in Argentina and also grow to other places like Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Paraguay, and Colombia. Bari confirms that it is very much possible to purchase diverse types of virtual assets apart from Bitcoin and also engage activities.

In the recent past, the company introduced an innovative service christened ‘satoshitango business’ which was developed for corporates or high net-worth investors. The minimum one can buy is worth $500,000 Argentine pesos, which is equivalent to $17,500 and comprises of customized attention, account opening, and technical assistance just in case a user may be in need.

For someone to be in a position of making good use of the platform, it is advisable to first register at SatoshiTango. Thereafter, a user has to authenticate their identity by filling a form, and attach two selfies. Once that step is concluded, the user can then send money using Rapipago as well as other payment tools listed.

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