Investors in the cryptocurrency market face the major challenge of the volatility of the digital assets. The market fluctuates greatly over short periods, which leads to uncertainty. Additionally, there is no centralized control over the market, and this makes it susceptible to rumors. This makes investors consider the market as a highly risky one.

What Is SAVE Token?

The SAVE platform aims to develop a secure solution to the problems in the industry by protecting crypto investments. SAVE is a blockchain-enabled platform that provides decentralized coverage solution to the crypto-currency investors. The platform also uses the SAVE platform for the management, creation, and distribution of the SAVE tokens. Using the WEB 3.0 decentralized infrastructure, SAVE will support other crypto-coins for industries such as financial services, gaming, social media, IoT, and supply chain management among others.

How SAVE Token Buy-Back Smart Contract Crypto Works

Users create a SAVE buy-back smart contract on the SAVE platform to keep their cryptocurrencies safe. If the coins go below the percentage of their initial value, the contract will automatically buy-back the coins at the initial value of the coins at the date of the buy-back contract creation. The SAVE buy-back contract covers the value of the user’s investment. The user will pay 7% of the initial investment to secure the investment against default. The smart contract will automatically calculate and activate any command required to run the exchange.

The advantage of using the smart contract is that it will allow for the performance of credible transactions without the need for a third party. The smart contract is also self-executing and self-enforcing. It will also provide security that is superior to traditional contracts and reduce transaction costs that are usually part of the traditional contracts. Once it starts running, the contract cannot be tampered with. This is to ensure a safe environment for the platform and the investors. The platform offers the policy for one year.

Out of the 7% paid by the user, 2% will be paid in the form of SAVE tokens. The SAVE coins paid will be automatically blocked for one year. During this time, the value of the token is expected to rise, and the investors will most likely gain from the future value of the coin. The token will be availed in various exchanges after it is launched at the end of the ICO. This will create a market for the token.

Advantages Of SAVE Token

  • Provides security for cryptocurrency investments
  • The platform also provides a cryptocurrency coverage
  • The SAVE platform gives a seamless, secure, and smooth payment transfer
  • The platform provides the possibility of transferring value between Peer-2-Peer networks


This is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum network. The token will be distributed using a smart contract in stages. 261 million SAVE tokens will be distributed during the pre-sale and ICO stages. After the ICO, the tokens will be distributed to different exchanges to allow investors to profit from the sale of the tokens. The SAVE platform customers will also use the tokens to purchase the SAVE buy-back contract.

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