What Is Savior Investments?

Savior Investments is an investment platform that helps investors and startup companies establish a relationship where they can mutually benefit from one another. The platform focuses on a business-to-business portal that will allow investors to make and manage their cryptocurrency investments in different projects so that they can secure their profits in the future.

The platform will manage, analyze, and find the best startup or established projects that will yield the highest monthly profits and invest in the projects on behalf of the client. Investments will be made based on the value of savior tokens that an investor has.

How Savior Investments Low Risk Coin Worth Growth Works

Once Savior Investments analyzes and selects companies that have potential to provide high returns, they list them on the dashboard where clients can select and vote for them. The platform will invest in three companies that receive the most votes on behalf of the client. The clients can view the monthly profits received from each company and the analyzed risk factors.

Savior Investments will utilize the decentralized Ethereum that features smart contracts that will record all the transactions on the blockchain, which will monitor and resolve disputes among participants and prevent misuse of the client funds.

Fifty percent of the accrued monthly profits will be reinvested into other businesses in order increase the profits investors gain. The remaining 50% will be paid to the investors in ether coin. However, investors have the choice of whether to reinvest their profit gains into Savior Tokens or save them.

After the deployment of the project, investors will be able to vote, monitor, and manage their investments using the mobile application. Investors can also use the mobile app to monitor their monthly profit charts and graphs.


Savior Investments Benefits

Guaranteed Profits

The business plan of reinvesting a percentage of its profits is well researched and guarantees investors profits that increase each month.


Due to the Ethereum and smart contracts, investors can view all the transactions carried out during the ICO and during the investment phases so that they identify the companies that have received their investments therefore making the whole process more transparent.

Low Risk Investment

Savior Investment is made up of a professional team that is well experienced in managing portfolios and startups. This is an assurance that all the investments made are in valuable online businesses in order to obtain maximum profits while maintaining minimum risks with the help of the legal team. In efforts to further minimize the risk, investments will be spread out to many companies.


Investments in the Savior Coins is smart and logical as the smart contract is coded in a way that in case the soft cap is not attained investors will be refunded the amount they spent in purchasing the tokens.

Savior Investments SAVI Token ICO Details

Investors can purchase the Savior Token during the ICO using Ether. The token is expected to be one of the most valued coins in the market as it reinvests it profits back into the system and it pays its investors on a monthly basis using Ethereum coin. Investors will be able to trade the token on various exchanges after the first voting phase is completed. This will increase the demand for the tokens and consequently their value.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: SAVI
  • Token Sale Date: now – 07/11/18
  • Accepted Payment Method: ETH
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000
  • Token Standard: ERC20 compatible
  • Hard Cap: 70,000,000


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