SBC Platform

SBC Platform, also known as System Bit Consulting, is an automated platform for ICO management. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is SBC Platform?

SBC Platform, found online at, is an automated platform designed to help SMEs and startups manage ICOs more effectively. The platform has a number of automated tools, services, and features that will help companies of all sizes complete a successful ICO.

The project is being developed by a St. Petersburg, Russia-based team. The ICO for SBC Platform’s SBC tokens begins on April 16, 2018, although a pre-sale is underway throughout March 2018.

The goal of SBC Platform is to make it easier for anyone – even small businesses – to launch a successful ICO. Let’s take a closer look at how SBC Platform accomplishes that goal.


How Does SBC Platform Bit Consulting Token Work?

SBC Platform provides a range of different support tools and online management systems for ICO operators. Those tools and services include all of the following:

Available for Everyone: SBC Platform automates many processes, which means running an ICO is cheaper for them than it is for companies on their own.

Analytics and Coaching of SMEs: SBC Platform has experts in business, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, marketing, finance, and event organizing. SBC Platform clients can work with these experts to ensure their ICO is completed successfully.

Automatic Document Assistance: SBC Platform has automated document creation systems that allow ICO operators to quickly and easily create documents associated with an ICO, including the whitepaper, presentation, landing page, onepager, bounty program information, and more.

Smart Contract Builder: SBC Platform has a smart contract builder you can use to setup the rules for your ICO, including the tokens that will be issued during the ICO and under which conditions, as defined by the smart contract.

20+ Experts: The SBC Platform team consists of 20+ blockchain experts with experience in the field. These experts can help you run every stage of your ICO from beginning to competition.

Escrow and Advisors: You can use the SBC Platform to find advisors or access escrow services.

Analytics and Ratings: SBC Platform will conduct expert analysis of each client’s ICO. Then, SBC Platform will give the ICO a rating in order to help investors choose the most competitive rate.

Marketing: SBC Platform will help clients develop an effective ICO marketing plan, including choosing the most effective promotion channels. SBC Platform will also feature a list of media outlets, websites, and event upcoming events that provide ideal opportunities to showcase your product to investors.

Legal Support: SBC Platform will help clients prepare all necessary legal documents for the token sale, including choosing your jurisdiction, deciding on the legal nature of the token (like whether it includes ownership rights or similar things that could constitute the token a security), and deciding on the functionality and economics of the token.

Who’s Behind SBC Platform?

SBC Platform was created by Georgy Lapin (CEO and Founder), Ilya Smirnov (CFO and Founder), Vladimir Marinovich (CCO and Co-Founder), and Alexandr Egorov (COO and Co-Founder). Other listed members of the team include Arthur Teregulov (CTO) and Marat Fatkulin (CIO).

The company is based in St. Petersburg, Russia, although some team members are based around the world. SBC Platform is registered under the name System Bit Consulting, LLC.

SBC Platform ICO Details

The SBC Platform token sale for the platform’s SBCE tokens will begin on April 16, 2018. The company has reserved a total of 12,013,889 SBCE tokens for the sale (60% of the total supply). Of the remaining tokens, 15% are reserved for the team, 5% for early investors, 5% for marketing, 2% for advisors, 5% for a referral program, 2% for contingencies, and 1% for bounties.

There’s a hard cap of $11 million USD and a soft cap of $5 million for the token sale.

The pre-sale began on March 15, 2018, while the main ICO is scheduled for April 16 to June 7.

SBC Platform claims its tokens will rise from a price of about $0.50 to $1 during the pre-sale and token sale, all the way up to $6 by Q2 2019.

SBC Platform Conclusion

SBC Platform is a full-service ICO platform that seeks to provide superior ICO management for SMEs and startups. The goal of SBC Platform, also known as System Bit Consulting, is to make it easier for anyone – including companies of all sizes – to run their own ICO. SBC Platform will reduce costs by automating many of the processes required while running an ICO, including document preparation and more.

To learn more about SBC Platform and how it works, visit online today at The token sale begins on April 16, although a pre-sale is taking place throughout March 2018.

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