Scam ICO Killer

Scam ICO Killer is a pioneer platform built on blockchain technology that ensures that investors receive most of the funds back. The platform will also prevent scammers from carrying out an ICO. Scam ICO Killer is a project aimed at entirely decentralizing token sales to protect investors from losing their funds. , Their ICO is scheduled for 18th January to 18th February 2018.

Scam ICO Killer Rationale

The ICO market is young and relatively new to many people. Over the years, the number of ICOs has grown exponentially as more people adopt and embrace cryptocurrencies. Investments in cryptocurrencies have developed over 400 times in four years. Such growth has led to the increase of scams where fraudsters want to cash in on investor’s interest in cryptocurrencies.

Scam ICO Killer’s project is timely and necessary to shield investors from losing their funds to scammers. The platform hopes to give investors the following possibilities:

  • Guaranteed safety of investments
  • Refunds of up to 93% in the event of project failure
  • Ensure ICOs remain on track and deliver the objectives stipulated during token sales

Those interested in finding viable ICOs to invest in will get to do so through this platform. Once in place, a fee of 4% will be charged to use services on this platform.

Scam ICO Killer SIK ICO Details

The main ICO will take place between 18th January and February 18th, 2018. The price is set at 1 ETH =15,000 SIK tokens with a minimum purchase of 0.1 ETH. The token standard is ERC 20 with ERC 223 for added security features. Investors are encouraged to use ether compatible wallets such MyEtherWallet, Metamask and Ethereum wallet.

The SIK Coin Investment Refunds Protection Project

For Investors:

  • Increased security of funds invested in ICOs
  • Traceability and accountability of a project from a reliable source
  • Increased number of finished projects
  • Refunds in case of project failure

For Project Founders:

  • Increased trust from investors
  • Advertising platform for upcoming ICOs
  • Shield from team splitting
  • Secure storage of funds raised in an ICO

Scam ICO Killer Conclusion

Successful implementation of this project will be a significant boost to how ICOs are done globally. Investors can use the service to protect themselves from fraudsters while ICO teams can show the credibility of their projects by enlisting on the platform.

Decentralizing the ICO market through blockchain technology will help bring transparency to the cryptocurrency sector. Accountability and security of funds are crucial to winning investor’s confidence. A platform such as SIK will help achieve this.

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