The market today has many health applications that have little research to support their purpose and this leads to low efficiency. Wearable devices are tailored to specific disorders and health conditions. Users are able to get a clear connection to medical attention from physicians who can respond on time and are able to monitor their health. The apps provide self-help tasks that assist patients to keep their health in check.

SciCoins SciX Platform

The SciX system reclaims value for the Internet of Things (IoT) wearable devices. The platform uses sciCHAIN and proof of change smart contracts. SciCHAIN blockchain is a shared universal ledger that is designed to track patient’s data and monitor proof of change smart contracts on IoT wearable in medical science. The platform is able to automate the aggregation of data collections in real time and increase culmination of data received to allow the execution of on-time medical responses to patients. Patients will be within a secure and permissioned platform where they can run customers queries on biometric data to get to know their medical conditions and history.

Proof of change smart contracts are the building blocks of distributed ledger technologies that monitor relational data systems comparing to the initial user ledger within the blockchain. They also initiate alert systems that are based on a consensus algorithm that aggregates data and initiates alerts powered by smart contracts. This data can replicate from server to server and subsets of the data can be accessed, processed, and synchronized back to the server.

The wearable developed have biosensors that can collect real-time data, use blockchain technology and distributed ledgers to deploy a variety of consensus algorithms. The wearable can also use predictive analytics that has intelligence nodes to aggregate data and monitor thresh holders from established smart contracts functional scripts.

The wearable uses SciRyng that is a wearable alert system integrated using blockchain to the smart contracts. It communicates with medical sciences through health industry blockchain. They monitor, and gather data establishing predictive analytics of patient data while aggregating changes in real time.

By use of blockchain technology, the SciRyng technology is able to monitor health conditions and data in real time with accuracy and transparency which is important to ensure the right clinical decisions are taken in regard to the patients’ health.

SciX Decentralized Apps

  • SciWell is the ultimate personal assistant or advisors to the user. It provides personalized and practical ways for the user to start developing healthy habits.
  • SciFit is a personalized resource for fitness and a roadmap to a healthier you in the form of a mobile application. It has workout exercises, challenges, routines, and programs. It also gives users tips to improve their workouts

SciX Token-sciCoin ICO

Token Symbol: SCIX
Total Supply: 2,000,000,000 SCICOINS (SCIX) Tokens will be donated
Token Donation: 1 ETH: no less than 1000 SCIX tokens

All bonus tokens will be sent to participants after the campaign ends.
Bonus #1 Pre-Sale: 50% Token Bonus (Open until March 31)
Bonus #2 1st Round: 40% Token Bonus (Open until April 15)
Bonus #3 Final Round: 30% Token Bonus (Open until May 15)

The SciCoins token is an Ethereum ERC20 based token. The total number of tokens available are 1,200,000,000 and 50% of these will be available during the ICO. The token sale is already underway having started on 15th April 2018 and will run for four weeks. The fundraising goal is $1,000,000. The funds will be used to develop and grow the SciX projects. The token is valued at 1 ETH=1000 tokens.

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