In recent months, people have started to make use of crypto technologies for purposes other than payments and monetary transactions. Today, there are efforts being made to use blockchain services to help promote scientific endeavours, as well as for the spreading of scientific information.

What Is SciCom?

SciCom has been described online as being the world's “first crypto platform” that has been built through a unique combination of blockchain, smart contracts and TOR. As a result of this, it serves to allow for scientific research to be propagated and exchanged in a completely anonymous manner.

As mentioned earlier, SciCom is primarily built to help propagate scientific advances via the easier sharing of information, ideas and data in a completely anonymous, and discreet manner.

What Is being Offered Here?

Privacy: owing to the fact that this service is based on the blockchain, it is able to deliver complete anonymity when it comes to data sharing. Not only that, to further bolster the security of the system, SciCom also makes use of a Hyperboria mesh.

Stability: as a result of using two separate tokens system, the platform works smoothly and is free of any third party interference.

Transactional Ease: all of the transactions that take place within the network are fast and efficient. However, users should keep in mind that once a payment is made, it cannot be reversed.

Transparency: another great feature of SciCom is that all of the transactions that are conducted via this platform are noted, and a historical record is maintained so that accountability is maintained at all times.

SciCom Incentive Options

Another good feature of this platform is that it can easily be used to make money on the side. Some of the schemes that users can avail of include:

  • Users can offer their computational power in exchange for monetary incentives.
  • Make money through the translation of scientific texts.
  • Sell scientific research or projects to earn bonuses.

SciCom Token Details

As mentioned earlier, this platform makes use of 2 separate tokens to make operations smoother. The crowdfunding will be held in two stages, namely

  • Presale stage. During this period, there are many early bird bonuses that can be availed of. It starts on the 5th of december and will go on for a period of 10 days
  • ICO stage: during this phase, all of the tokens that were left unsold after the presale will be made available (along with additional tokens).

The ICO will last for a duration of 14 days, and all sales made during this period can be made via crypto assets such as BTC and ETH. In all, there will be a total of 85,600,000 available during this period.

The company aims to raise a total of 4280 ВТС. Lastly, according to the company’s official whitepaper, the collected funds will be used in the following manner

  • marketing- 46%,
  • development- 34%,
  • team- 10%,
  • legal aspects- 10%.

For any clarifications or queries, investors have been encouraged to get in touch with company representatives. This can be done either via email, or by dropping a quick message on the “contact us” page.

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