What Is ScienceRoot?

Scienceroot is a blockchain based platform that seeks to improve the scientific and research community by creating an ecosystem whereby scientific community members all around the world can gather funds, interact with one another, share and discuss their research ideas, collaborate with one another and eventually publish their research work on the efficient, intuitive and transparent platform.

Through the implementation of the decentralized power of blockchain technology and the use of the incentivizing power of crypto economics, Scienceroot will solve some of the biggest challenges in the scientific landscape. The challenges include the lack of rewards for authors and reviewers, control of research output by centralized companies and the fractured platforms that only address the needs of a small portion of the scientific community.

How ScienceRoot Blockchain Scientific Research Funding Works

Through the Scientific Collaboration Network, users can connect with fellow peers and share their research work. They can also team up with other users and share ideas that can help them create their own science repository. Besides collaboration, users can join the incentivized Q&A forum and decentralized scientific marketplace where they can use their expertise to benefit other users and earn rewards in form of ST tokens.

The platform is equipped with a research portal that enables graduate students who might need a PhD position or a job and users who require funds for the research work to access international research grants, jobs in the world of science and funding opportunities. There is also a blockchain funding mechanism where the users could submit their proposals to the power of the crowd.

Scienceroot has a publishing platform that records all submission on the decentralized blockchain network. The platform will enable members of both the scientific and non-scientific community to publish their failed hypothesis or negative results. In doing so, other researchers can work on the hypothesis from a different perspective which will save a lot of time and resources.

The Science Token powers the whole ecosystem. The token is exchangeable at anytime and anywhere in the world. This simplifies the process investing in science in order to promote it. The tokens will has various use cases such as: accepted payment method for exchange of scientific services, contributing to projects and storing content on the blockchain network.

ScienceRoot Benefits

Unique Identities

The platform integrates ORCID and ResearchID projects, which creates a persistent digital identifier that is immutable and can be merged with research workflows such as grant submissions, manuscript submissions and research walk through.


Blockchain technology records all the article submissions; this creates an immutable ledger for all the articles. Therefore, no single entity can control the information and systems.

Incentive Mechanism

The reward system will mainly be peer reviewing and a program to reward authors for submitting scientific papers. This will speed up the process since reviewers will receive payments.

ScienceRoot SCIENCE Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token: Science Tokens (ST)
  • Token Protocol: Wave
  • Token supply: 500,000,000 ST
  • Token supply during Token Generation Event: 300,000,000 ST

The TGE is organized as follows:

  • Round 1 – (Seed Round) 15.07.2018-15.08.2018: 1 ST= 0.04 EUR
  • Round 2 – 15.01.2019-15.02.2019: 1 ST= 0.06 EUR
  • Round 3 – 15.07.2019-15.08.2019: 1 ST= 0.08 EUR
  • Round 4 15.01.2020-15.02.2020: 1 ST = 0.1 EUR

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