Scopuly is a new blockchain solution that was created on top of the Stellar blockchain. The company allows you to use a platform in which you can store your tokens, trade them, invest in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and even create your own ICOs.

The Stellar blockchain was chosen because it is a new blockchain that is faster than older ones like Bitcoin and it has low transactions costs.

What Is Scopuly?

Basically, this is a cryptocurrency wallet that also lets you do many other functions with it. It is 100% secure and it has a built-in decentralized peer to peer trading platform. It can be used for the emission of new tokens and to play in the ICO marketplace.

This makes for a platform that can be convenient whenever you need to store money, trade it, tokenize any kind of asset or participate in crowdfunding.

The wallet service has local encryption and multi-signature procedures and it enables you to send cryptos to any place in the whole world. It offers options for token support, multiple accounts, issuer control and conversion of balances.

The Scopuly SDEX is the decentralized exchange of the company. It can trade any token based on the Stellar token protocol and the tokens are immediately transferred without having to wait or needing any type of validation from third-party companies. The interface of the platform is clean and easy to understand.

Some of the main features of this company are its speed and security. The platform is fully scalable and it can work fast even if it gets popular and a lot of new users appear.

Using Scopuly Stellar-Blockchain Crypto Wallet & Exchange

One of the main features of this company is basically the creation of tokenized assets. If you are interested in the growing market of ICOs, you can use the platform to issue your own with total control over your tokens until you sell them. The platform gives you all the support in emitting the tokens, trading them and implementing the system.

This system has complete transparency, as anyone will be able to see the projects on the blockchain and emit tokens of their own and can be a great way to attract investments for your start-up easily.

Scopuly SKY Token ICO Details

Scopuly has decided to finance its platform with crowdfunding via an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Half of the tokens will be sold during the sale. The first phase of the pre-ICO has already begun. You can buy each SKY token right now with 0.03 XLM tokens. At the second phase of the ICO you will have to pay 0.04 XLM per token.

The main ICO will have the price of 0.045 XLM per SKY token during its first phase and 0.05 XLM per SKY token later. The price will rise until it reaches the final price of 0.06 XLM per a single SKY token at the end of the sale.

These tokens will act as the fuel for the Scopuly platform and you will be able to use them to transact without having to pay fees on the platform. After the end of the ICO, in August, the company will start to set up the promised features like the decentralized exchange and the ICO platform (which will be implemented in October).

2019 promises new features like market analysis, cross platform features, development of the platform and global crypto availability.

Scopuly Conclusion

This looks to be a very interesting platform for the people who are interested in experimenting with blockchains that are not so popular like Stellar blockchain. Unlike Ethereum, that is being used everywhere, this is still a somewhat new platform and it still has plenty of potential to grow and become something more. If you are interested in Scopuly, you should invest in it.

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