Scorista claims to be the future of banking. Find out how Scorista works today in our review.

What Is Scorista?

Scorista, found online at, is a decentralized credit bureau and risk management assistant built for “every crypto bank in the world.”

The company plans to change the future of banking. The Scorista crowdsale – including the pre-ICO is taking place through September and October.

The Scorista team, according to the official website, consists of the “best-on-the-market risk managers, mathematicians and programmers.” Together, the team plans to “become the global crypto credit assessment standard.”

In layman’s terms, Scorista aims to provide credit scores for the cryptocurrency industry. You know how Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax provide credit scores for the traditional banking industry (at least, in the United States)? Scorista wants to do the same for the cryptocurrency industry. It’s a credit bureau for the crypto world.

As the official website explains, “there are no credit bureaus for crypto banks.” That’s where Scorista sees an opportunity.

Scorista claims that 120+ companies are already using their services to assess the worthiness of borrowers.

How Does Scorista Work?

Scorista uses blockchain technology to provide decentralized collection of all crypto credit data.

The long-term goal of the project is to protect crypto banks from fraud and to help users safely maintain their crypto credit rating.

Obviously, banks of all types – crypto banks and traditional banks – need a reliable way to assess the trustworthiness of a borrower. It’s a necessary part of P2P lending, P2B lending, and P2L lending.

Scorista aims to provide that information in the form of a credit report that contains user data. That user data is analyzed with machine learning algorithms “based on 3 million credit decisions.”

That machine learning predicts the threats of a non-performing loan, and helps banks control the quality of the credit portfolio.

Banks can approve or deny an individual based on their Scorista score. Whether they’re approved or denied, the user will receive a detailed explanation of the reason behind each decision. There’s also a money back guarantee for the results.

What Does Scorista Track?

Conventional credit reports take a wide range of information into account – including everything from credit inquiries to outstanding loans. What will Scorista use to assess someone’s credit worthiness for crypto banks? Here are some of the parameters outlined on the official website:

  • User behavior
  • Crypto spend analysis
  • E-wallet info
  • Credit reports
  • Lawsuits
  • Employment record
  • Blacklists
  • Mobile data
  • Social networks
  • Geolocation

Using all of this information, Scorista will calculate an individual’s credit score.

The Scorista Token Sale

The Scorista token sale is taking place throughout September and October, 2017.

There will be a total supply of 50,000,000 SCOR tokens priced at a rate of 0.05 USD or 0.05 ETH (the website mentions both USD and ETH in the same line, so it appears the token is priced the same value in either currency).

Bonuses are available throughout the token sale, including a 30% bonus on day one.

Scorista Conclusion

Scorista plans to solve a crucial need in the cryptocurrency world: the need for a reliable credit bureau. Today, conventional banks rely on credit bureaus like Experian to provide detailed information about a borrower’s credit worthiness. There’s no equivalent system for the crypto industry. That’s where Scorista sees an opportunity.

Scorista claims that 120+ companies are already active clients of their services. The company’s token sale for SCOR tokens is taking place throughout September and October.

To learn more about Scorista, visit the company online today at

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