The Healthcare system in each country is specifically designed to help those in need, but in order to keep the entire process moving along seamlessly, we need to maintain and regulate ‘data’ efficiently. For example, patient interactions need to be recorded accurately so as to ensure a solid plan of action for the future.

What Is ScriptDrop?

ScriptDrop is a ‘blockchain technology’ that lays the foundation for ‘patient interaction data’, so as to help create better profiles of individuals who need medical assistance. To gain a strong foothold in the market, ScriptDrop is planning to partner with major healthcare providers will become a part of the ‘Adherence Blockchain’, and thus interact with patients within this network.

What Does ScriptDrop Offer?

(i) Access to a resourceful Patient Network: with the current economic climate that the global market currently is in, ScriptDrop is offering customers with two unique services to interact with their patients. These include:

  • Prescription delivery
  • Medication reminders.

In addition to this, this system is offering patients with incentives to interact on the network through various cash discounts on co-pays. Lastly, the company also predicts that the services being provided by them can help drive up adherence, which in turn can lower the costs of healthcare in general.

(ii) Security: as we all might know, data stored on medical networks is highly prone to being misused by 3rd party sources. However, the ScriptDrop blockchain is built on a technology referred to as the ‘Hyperledger framework’. This network is well known in the crypto world because it provides customers with the power to ‘control data access’. As a result of this, there is more transparency in the entire process, which can in turn lead to better patient care.

How Does ScriptDrop Work?

ScriptDrop makes use of Adherence (AHC) Tokens that allow patients with provision access to their data. In addition to this, patients will also possess the option to buy down their “prescription co-pay”. Lastly, ScriptDrop also comes with a ‘medication reminder app’ that has been designed to help patients stick to their reminders by providing them with token based incentives.

About The ScriptDrop ICO

To cater for the massive interest ScriptDrop has generated in the market, 1 billion tokens were created. While these tokens may be divisible, the company states that there will be no additional tokens added to the core supply. Interested customers to take part in the ICO which commences on 1st of November at 7:00 pm EST. Scriptdrop has also made it clear on their webpage that there will not be a pre-sale, as they do not want to give “early access or preferential treatment to those that they know”.

Lastly, the company has laid out a clear plan of action for the future, and has even provided a full breakdown of the fund distribution on its official website. Thus, interested users may want to check this information before making a purchase.

Additional ScriptDrop Features

In order to promote market evenness, Scriptdrop has introduced a Proof of Act (PoA) model into their ‘patient token system’. As a result of this, patients on the network can mine and interact with the distribution model. Additionally, patients can also unlock tokens that they can then use for continued opportunities and personal wealth creation.

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