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The internet is full of numerous dubious sites that you cannot trust at a glance. Many of them are great sites that you can make the most of for whatever you are searching, but a fair share of fake ones that are nothing but scam sites is also all over the place. Perhaps the sad part is that many more sites are being created every day and designed to look as genuine as possible.

But how do you know if a site is suspicious, and is SecretCoin SCRT one of the bad boys out there? Well, let’s check it out and see what it has to offer and whether there is something for you or it’s a no-go zone.  When scrutinizing these sites, it is wise to look at numerous factors, from the ownership details to the popularity, the location as well as other sites in the review, phishing, threats and such things.

So let’s jump straight into SecretCoin, what is it about and is it for you?

About SecretCoin SCRT

SecretCoin, also known as SCRT, is a cryptocoin you can use in several casual games, where you can change the coins for points and then change the points for SecretCoins, as you like. Better yet, you can then change them to, sell, buy or exchange the coins, weapons, levels or stars with another user and keep playing online.

The number of games to be developed is about 25 in the coming 3 to 5 years, which will be easy for iOS, Android and WindowsPhone as well. If a user is looking to change their points for SCRT, the site is planning to build an exchange on where this can be done besides users being able to buy points or game features too. And it can all be done using PayPal or Okpay.

Another great thing about this game is that users can try out the demo for their fun, which can be downloaded from stores, and users can watch it on YouTube as well. Testing the demo is quite a breeze since it comes with a HitTheBox for Android users; all you need is follow several steps.

Start by downloading the HitTheBox, then enter a decryption key and install it on your Android device, make sure your Developer mode is on. Then register with a bogus user and use a bogus password, both of which you can use to log in. From there you can play the free demo. But remember, the Defender mode is not available in this option since it’s only a login system test.

The SecretCoin SCRT Exchange Rate

If you have any number of points doesn’t mean you have the same number of SCRT too, since the exchange rate comes down to the current price for the SCRT in the market. The current price for one SCRT is about $0.134, while the BTC price is 0.00000946BTC. The price changes also differ from 60 Minute to one day, seven days and so on. You can currently buy SCRT for Bitcoin at C-Cex, Bittrex, and Youbit.

Is SecretCoin SCRT Legit?

Well, from what we have seen, SecretCoin is quite straightforward, and considering that it has a supply of about 4.2 million and market capitalization at around $567103, it is beyond doubt that there is something for you. You can go ahead, try it out, and make a few coins while doing what you enjoy the most.

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