Secular Coin SECU ICO

With the rise of cryptocurrencies within the global economic scene, it comes as no surprise that there are altcoins being released to the masses on a near daily basis. Secular Coin is one such asset that is designed to help serve as a payment solution, as well as an investment option that can help investors reap steady profits.

Why Should You Consider Secular Coin?

Some of the key aspects of this currency that make it stand out include:

(i) Limited distribution:

one issue that seems to plague many altcoins these days is that of unregulated growth. OThe most obvious example of this is Bitcoin, whose value has soared to a staggering $21,000 USD within the last year alone. Such drastic price hikes can create an unstable transaction environment. Thus, Secular coin has been designed to counter this issue and create a crypto economy that is steady and sustainable.

(ii) P2P based:

This currency is based on a peer to peer model that allows for complete transparency and safety of our funds. In addition to this, Secure coin is also completely decentralized, and thus is not liable to scrutiny via government's, financial institutions etc.

(iii) Smart Contracts:

Another key feature of this currency is its use of smart contracts. Via the use of this technology, payments can be made in a discrete, untraceable and timely fashion.

(iv) Good Availability:

Once released, this coin will be made available for purchase on a number of different trusted online exchanges including coinexchange, yobit, livecoin etc.

Lending Plans Available

There are 4 different schemes to choose from, they include:

(i) Amount: $100-$1000

Variable Interest: 48%; Release of principal amount after 180 days.

(ii) Amount: $1001-$5000

Variable Interest: 48% + 0.15% daily interest; Release of principal amount after 150 days.

(iii) Amount: $5001-$10,000

Variable Interest: 48% + 0.25% daily interest; Release of principal amount after 120 days.

(iv) Amount: $10,000-$100,000

Variable Interest: 48%+0.3% daily interest; Release of principal amount after 90 days.

In addition to the lending program mentioned above, there are also other investment opportunities such as Staking options, Affiliate programs that users can check out by visiting the official company website.

Secular Coin SECU ICO Token Details

To perform any transaction within this platform, customers will have to make use of native tokens that will be called SECU. In all, there will be a total of 12,000,000 coins that will be created. Out of this number, 10,000,000 tokens will be made available during the ICO.

The ICO is scheduled to start on the 2nd of January, 2018 and will go on till all of the tokens have been sold out. The sale will take place in different rounds, during whom the price of a single token will vary between 0.6$-$1.

Revenue Allocation Scheme

According the company's official whitepaper, the distribution of funds will be done as follows:

  • 30% of all collected revenue will be used towards the further development of this platform.
  • 30% will be used to refine the ecosystem and eliminate any bugs or performance issues.
  • 10% of all collected funds will go towards the maintenance of the system
  • Another 10% will be used to advertise SECU internationally, so as to improve the its outreach and maximise its market potential.
  • The remaining 20% will be used to create a BuyBack program.

For any further details regarding this system, customers have been asked to get in touch with company officials via the email address provided in the whitepaper.

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