What Is Krypton Capital's SECURITonomy?

Krypton Capital recently moved their headquarters to Malta. Shortly after that, they decided to launch SECURITonomy. This project seeks to come up with solutions for STOs. Users can create and issue tokens while fully complying with Maltese laws.

Malta is an island often christened the Blockchain Island. It is famous for being friendly toward crypto and blockchain projects. It was one of the first nations globally to accept crypto and the blockchain with no qualms. The island has clear laws and low taxation that is friendly to startups. Thus, the SECURITonomy platform will collaborate with authorities on the island to offer reliable solutions for those who wish to issue security tokens that adhere to Maltese laws.

Securitonomy Compliant Security Token Offerings Platform

This platform will offer a wide array of services that encompass all the needs of those who wish to create tokens. The platform offers things such as legal advice and technical knowledge. It addresses both large and small needs that facilitate the selling of your tokens.

SECURITonomy Features

Token Issuance And Management

Based on the SERC20 security protocol, which is native to the platform, it is possible to create an equity-backed security token with the help of a smart contract. The platform will make it possible to complete the management of the tokens, which includes the issuing and distributing the tokens.

The Token Sale Solution

The platform is going to be great for security offerings. These offerings will company with all laws of Malta. Issuers will get a dashboard that allows them to manage every aspect of the issuance. For instance, they can receive payments and distribute tokens and bonuses. They can also integrate their issuance with the best marketing tools to ensure success.

Support For Listing On Exchanges

This platform does not just help you issue and sell the tokens. It will also help you with the process of being listed on an exchange to ensure liquidity of the tokens. They have partnered with various exchanges to make this a reality.

Legal Advice

The platform is based in Malta, which has come of the most comprehensive rules on crypto issuance. However, like with any laws, there are fines and other consequences for breaking them. This platform will ensure that you are not in violation of Malta’s laws. They work with legal firms that work to ensure the smooth interaction with Malta authorities.

Thus far, they also have experience from working with major exchanges who have applied for licensing in the nation. Thus, any issue you might have they have already faced it or an in the process of handling it.

Krypton Capital Is Spreading The Word

Krypton Capital plans to attend the Malta Blockchain Summit. This summit is slated to start on November 1 and end on November 2. Thus, anyone with questions can get instant replies during the summit directly from the team. They hope that with this summit, more people can learn about this platform. Right now, many people wish to launch security tokens but they do not know how to do it. This platform is for them.

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