Security Intelligence Firm Discovers Hacking Tool For Installing Crypto Mining Malware

One of the most common ways that hackers attempt to break into crypto investors’ accounts is through the use of malware. Malware infiltrates the user’s software of whichever device the hackers choose, downloading protocols that can steal identities, steal cryptocurrencies, and more. Trend Micro, a security intelligence firm, has recently discovered malware in the crypto community that is hacking accounts to mine cryptocurrency.

The malware, a tool for mining for cryptocurrency, is actually a combination of multiple threats that Microsoft Windows users have already faced – MIMIKATZ and RADMIN. The blog post on this malware from Trend Micro says,

“Between the last week of January to February, we noticed an increase in hack tool installation attempts that dropped seemingly random files into the Windows directory. Initially appearing unrelated, the analysis showed the final payload to be a Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency-mining malware variant.”

The post continues, saying,

“Using MIMIKATZ and RADMIN for propagation while exploiting critical vulnerabilities enables malicious actors to spread malware with worm-like behavior to target specific systems in industries without being immediately detected. Users are advised to regularly download patches from legitimate vendors as soon as they are released.”

Though any malware is unexpected, the fact that this type of malware is infiltrating computers is no surprise. Companies have been dealing with XMR mining malware thefts since last year. Though there are many people that have been more vigilant about the resources they download from, there is still an unfortunate number of investors that haven’t taken enough caution.

According to reports from several sources, this type of malware is believed to be the source of 4.5% of XMR presently in circulation. Many hackers have chosen this altcoin as their go-to cryptocurrency, due to the privacy and anonymity it offers them. Furthermore, it tends to be easy to mine it from an independent source, like a laptop or smartphone, that does not have as much power as standard mining equipment.

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