See The New GMO Coin Virtual Currency Wallet & Crypto Trading App

A New Cryptocurrency Trading App To Be Launched In Japan

A Japanese app called “GMO Coin Virtual Currency Wallet” is an attempt to access the cryptocurrency market with a mobile IOS app open for trading on the go. The company is known as GMO. It will allow for customers to trade a few of the key cryptocurrencies all while letting you remain on your mobile device. Multiple cryptocurrencies can be stored on the app such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple. There currently exists no mobile app which allows for the trade of cryptocurrencies.

This is a big problem for the world of cryptocurrency. Traditional wallet sites exist on difficult to navigate websites that require large levels of authorization as well as many security measures that don’t promote ease of use. GMO is a company that plans to completely revamp and shake up the mobile cryptocurrency interface with its new app that will not only let you view the current exchange rates for different currencies, but it will also let you buy and trade those currencies with an easy to use interface meant to draw in consumers rather than discourage their use.

Current cryptocurrency apps merely let you view the price of cryptocurrencies, but GMO will allow you to trade the cryptocurrencies at your discretion.

GMO’s Other Business Practices

Not only is the app going to revolutionize the mobile cryptocurrency market, but the company is also planning to launch CryptoChips which will allow for various mobile games to offer payment in various cryptocurrencies. This is all part of the initiative t make cryptocurrencies far more mainstream.

Currently they are seen as something that is an attempt to undermine currencies throughout the world, but in actuality the aim of most currencies is to compete and work alongside with not only the Japanese Yen, but also with digital currencies around the world. The company is fairly confident that its operation will lead to the proliferation of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies around the world.

The most ambitious attempt this company is making is to use the game “Whimsical War” to provide bitcoin for members of different ranks on the app. This multi staged infiltration of the mainstream market starts with one app. GMO is on track to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrencies.

GMO also has its own cryptocurrency, GMO coin, which is just one other way in which the giant Japanese company is making waves in the cryptocurrency market. Seemingly every company that interacts with cryptocurrency aims to create its own cryptocurrency, but GMO is different because it gets free publicity with every new initiative it launches.

While its main market is cryptocurrency, GMO has its hands in just about every technological industry known. It has advertising initiatives where it offers a platform for many companies to advertise through various platforms. It also acts as a broker for internet security in today’s increasingly digital society. It also creates digital internet infrastructure all across Japan.

While it might be easy to just assume that companies only specialize in one industry, GMO is proving that it is beneficial to have multiple specialties all across the digital spectrum if they wish to remain relevant in the 21st century.

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