SeigneurCoin SEI ICO Review

Today we are going to review Seigneurcoin, a new cryptocurrency which has appeared on the market. Are you curious to know if this is going to be an excellent investment? We will answer this and much more on the review.

What is SeigneurCoin?

Seigneurcoin, which presents itself as “the revolution of cryptocurrency” is a new cryptocurrency which has appeared on the market recently. Not only it works as almost any other coin, meaning that you can use it for online transactions and to send money, it also has many interesting features that make it more appealing.

Basically, the appeal of Seigneurcoin is that this is almost an “all-in-one” cryptocurrency. You can do many things using the same cryptocurrency, more than many cryptocurrencies in the market offers right now. Because of this, Seigneurcoin actually manages to differentiate itself from the other companies even if it does offer almost the same services.

The total supply of SEI tokens are 29,000,000 SEI tokens and the company uses the Scrypt algorithm.

How Does Seigneurcoin Work?

Seigneurcoin, as we have already stated, has many features. You obviously use it for trading and get money trading it while the price is more expensive than it is right now, you can use the lending platform of the company to get money. You can also be an affiliate and get money from referrals.

Affiliates have different levels. The higher the level, the more you will be paid for referrals. The numbers vary from 0.2% (Level 7) to 8% (level 1). You have to pay to access the higher levels but it might be worthy because they offer a lot of money.

The lending system works like this, you lend a quantity of money and you will receive it in the future with an interest rate of 48% plus a daily rate which will vary from the quantity of money that you lent. If you lent $1000 USD, you will get no bonuses, but if you lent more than $100,010 USD, you will receive a bonus of 0.35% daily on your investment.

Seigneurcoin is both proof-of-work and proof-of-stake, if you know the terms, you know that this means that you can both mine (use your computer processing power to solve a complex equation and be rewarded with tokens) and stake (hold coins and serve as a server for the system) to get money.

Finally, Seigneurcoin also has trading tools that use signals and artificial intelligence to help you when you need to invest. Yes, this company actually has all that. We do not know how good are these bots, though, so use them at your own risk if you want to.

How to Invest in Seigneurcoin?

The way to invest in Seigneurcoin is by buying tokens of this company. Unfortunately, the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has already been finished for some time, so the only way to invest is by buying the Seigneurcoin tokens form an exchange.

The tokens were being sold for $1.40 USD each at the end of the sale, so it is possible to say that you will be able to buy them for more than that in any exchange that has the tokens. The company lists a target price of $60 USD by April 2018, so you better buy your tokens soon if you do not want to pay very much for them.

The SeigneurCoin SEI ICO Verdict

Seigneurcoin is a very interesting option of cryptocurrency. While it is not really original at all, it does stack all the not so original features together, which is actually great. If you are interested in having all the features in a single cryptocurrency, then Seigneurcoin might be a very interesting option for you.

As the ICO is already over, you will not be able to buy this cryptocurrency for the cheapest price, but at least you can watch it on the market before you actually buy it to decide if you are going to buy it or if you should wait more time instead of investing.

In the end, you have to analyze the situation carefully and decide how you are going to proceed. Seigneurcoin is very interesting, but only you can decide it is interesting enough to be worthy of your money.

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