Discover Seiza—the new ADA blockchain explorer that makes it easy for users to track transactions on the Cardano blockchain. Announcing the new development, EMURGO—a part of Cardano’s team that is responsible for developing, supporting, and incubating commercial ventures, said in a tweet:

“We are excited to unveil ‘Seiza,’ an all-new official Cardano Blockchain Explorer developed by EMURGO! Starting right now, you can visit the website. With Shelley slated in the near future, Seiza provides utility & transparency for ADA holders.”

Unveiling Shelley Phase

Cardano is currently gearing up for a major upgrade baptized Shelley, which is the second most prioritized activity in its roadmap. The release of Seiza coincides with Shelley upgrade, which is a great honor to the Cardano network.

Once launched, Cardano aims to use Shelley to improve the decentralization of its network and provide more stability through its Proof of Stake consensus system.

With the latest developments, Cardano is seen to be re-engineering itself into the consensus world by treading a different path—one that no one has ever taken, with an aim of simplifying the re-entry of nodes. Aside from the nodes, ADA holders will utilize the stake pool system to help them delegate their stake to participate in the creation of new blocks. Consequently, as indicated on their website, Cardano

“will provide incentives to those who delegate their stake and become active participants in the PoS consensus protocol.”

A delegation Certificate

Cardano intends to create a delegation certificate that will bind ADA holders who have delegated their coin, as well as the stake pool operators. This is supported by the fact that everything operates on-chain. However, ADA holders who have delegated their coins will have to pay the stake pool operators for performing the services on their behalf.

More Upgrades Lined Up

In addition to Shelley, Cardano has three more upgrades lined up for execution—Basho, Goguen, and Voltaire. Once implemented, each of these improvements will bring something new to the Cardano platform.

For instance, the Goguen upgrade seeks to create an improved virtual machine and a universal language framework that will target future blockchain innovations. Cardano also aims to minimize the risk of vulnerabilities, after which it will focus on its scalability, performance, and more security through the Basho upgrade. Finally, the Voltaire upgrade will instill a treasury system and a governance model on the network.

“Cardano’s on-chain governance model introduces several conceptual breakthroughs, including that (1) it is a hybrid system in which participants can either vote directly or delegate their vote, (2) delegation and voting are performed simultaneously, and (3) all votes are done in private,”

the EMURGO tweet said.

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